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Drop + biip MT3 Extended 2048 Custom Keycap Set

Drop + biip MT3 Extended 2048 Custom Keycap Set

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I love the profile more than I thought I would
After spending some time typing with the MT3 profile, it has really grown on me. The scooped tops give your fingers a nice place to perch and the initial "sandy" texture has either worn off or I've become used to it. The sound is a nice thock rather than the higher pitched clack, aside from the 1.75u keys (capslock and right shift) that are a little higher pitched and slightly hollow sounding. The color is more off white or bone than your average BoW set, but it works really well with my white ID80v2. I didn't think that the slightly deeper scoop to the F&J keys would be noticable on the home row, but it is just enough to make a difference. I may have to spring for the media icons for the Function row. I would also just caution that the multi-colored accent mod kit doesn't include a capslock or backspace so keep that in mind when ordering. A few people on reddit were looking for extras, having ordered just accent mods and alphas to fill in a 60% board.
Would recommend to a friend.
Exactly what I was hoping for
Great dye sub set, New profile for me but really enjoying it. Caps are solid and legends are clean, sound good like sa abs slightly higher pitch bottom out. The color combo with the clear case is exactly what I wanted, a little light bleed through the caps and bright enough with South facing leds and the glow tactiles.
Would recommend to a friend.
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What is the difference between the normal R3 and homing R3 keycaps?
homing keycaps in MT3 profile have a deeper dish to them. It's subtle, but I've found it to be quite pleasant.
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Oct 25, 2023
Any suggestions for a compatible low-profile keyboard? I am looking at the Keychron K15 Pro, but I am not sure if i will have issues
Sep 28, 2023
Will the missing ISO-CH keys ever be added to the ISO-International kit?
Jun 10, 2023
rainbow makes me puke sorry
May 16, 2023
Any chance that an alternate homing kit with homing bumps will be created as an alternative to the current deeper dish homing keys? I find it really difficult to distinguish the deeper homing keys from regular keys.
Feb 22, 2023
Hi Drop, have a question. I've noticed in the latest MT3 BOGO promo the DROP + BiiP MT3 extended 2048 set, is not include. I can understand if it being the only set not having an official Base & Ortho set, but either does the MT3 Godspeed R2 set... but this one is includeded! Is there a reason why Drop + BiiP set is not part of this promo...? Its the only MT3 set out of your 24 available NOT in your promotion?
A community member
Mar 28, 2023
iamneildefinitely on purpose. they are doing the same thing right now with the mt3 bogo coupons- which was the only one so far I gave a remote shit about. drop fucking sucks man lol.
Jan 16, 2023
Does anyone know when the Accent Modifiers were last in stock? I want this set so badly but only if I can get those modifiers but they never seem to be in stock.
LeowulfIn stock and on sale.
Dec 20, 2022
So I just got a Tokyo60. Which sets do I need to complete it?
KNTLJust modifiers kit and alpha kit. These two kits are compatible with most of over 60% to 80% like 7u HHKB, 7U TSANGAN, 7U WKL, and 6.25 WK ANSI.
Oct 12, 2022
To build a 65% or 60% with accent modifiers, you still HAVE TO get the classic modifiers just for the pipe key and the tab key... That is an extra 39$ for 2 keys, this is so wasteful and disappointing T_T Only comment I saw who pointed it out is from march 11, 2021, did it change ?
Sep 15, 2022
Please consider releasing a set of blanks and accent blanks, with all rows, 1U and 1.5U
Aug 20, 2022
hi, when will alphas kit be available again?
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