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Drop + Matt3o MT3 /dev/tty Keycap Set

Drop + Matt3o MT3 /dev/tty Keycap Set

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close Read this link. It describes the purpose of these sets and why it's lacking kits that you'd see in a full GB. Group buy with more kits and compatibility here:
(Edited) This one just ended recently. There is plans for more doubleshot MT3 colors
Jul 13, 2020
Given that one just ended, not for a while. However, we will have extras for sale after we fulfill the pre-orders in mid to late October.
Marketing Team
May 19, 2020
UPDATE FOR 4/21-5/12 RUN Hi everyone,  We’re reaching out to let you know that we’re tracking about two weeks behind on the /dev/tty keycaps and now expect to ship by early June. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you’d prefer not to wait the additional time, you may cancel your order via your Transactions page: Thank you so much for your patience. We’re looking forward to getting these in your hands soon. 
Oct 10, 2022
Will there be another round of these keycaps? They make awesome christmas gifts... for myself. Most of the sets are now out of stock.
Jul 12, 2022
I bought the 65% and instead of having two big buttons between the arrow keys and the space bar I have three normal size keys there and I need extra keys, is there any way I can buy a right alt key, a right windows key and a right control key on their own?
Jun 16, 2022
Just completed my first mechanical keeb build with matt3o's keycap set in a Q4 Keychron and it looks great IMHO. Quick question, and I know it will be subjective, but I definitely need a wrist rest as the keys are sooooo tall. Can someone educate me on a good starting point for height please? I will not be able to get to stores to test them out so whatever I order will be the one. I would ideally like one that is squishy and not a solid block of wood or resin. What are you guys using?
Jun 3, 2022
I really wanted to get these because of the PBT but lately I haven't been enjoying typing on MT3 and I don't know why. I used my Susuwatari for a long time on 2 boards when I got it but lately I find it uncomfortable.
Jan 7, 2022
Where are the freaking Apple Kits!!!!!!
Nov 6, 2021
Drop really needs to make more MT3 profile sets in PBT like this one. The ABS ones are pretty and all, but /dev/tty/ has such a nice texture compared to the susuwatari and camillo sets that I have
Sep 30, 2021
Got mine, took a bit of getting used to over Cherry profile but it's super nice. Goes great with my MS Pro mouse with the white fade on the top and the LED turned to RED.
Aug 9, 2021
I'm new to keyboard/custom keycap thing... for the life of me I cannot figure out if the descriptions here that say DROP + MATT3O MT3 /DEV/TTY KEYCAP SET mean they come with a keyboard or not. Does "DROP +" mean a keyboard is included or is this for keycaps only? Can anyone tell me?
Aug 12, 2021
specialkeyswhen something says KEYCAP SET it means keyboard non included.
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