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Drop + MiTo DCD Banana Keycap Set

Drop + MiTo DCD Banana Keycap Set

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Apr 20, 2022
So, what is the profile called now? Is it DCX, DCD, or MT2? I read Drop's official post, and they said it was DCX, but is this one a different profile?
This keyset is DCD profile, which is what used to be called DCP. It is almost exclusively single shot PBT, dyesub. The new profile is called DCX (formerly MT2), and is currently tooled to produce doubleshot ABS caps, with the potential to eventually re-tool for PBT (in a way, the X hints at the versatility). Both profiles are cylindrical, and both are sculpted. However, the exact contours and sculpting are not the same.
Apr 20, 2022
What is the thickness of these caps?
DCD caps are 1.7mm thick
Apr 20, 2022
If you want enough keycaps to fill a TKL board do you need to buy both the Latin Kit and the Modifier Kit? or are there enough caps in just one of the kits to fill the entire board
Apr 20, 2022
Definitely, yes—you'll need one Alphas kit & one of either Modifier sets to fill out *ANY* keyboard (with the exception of some super niche & challenging modifier-free boards like the Pain27 or any of the Alpha-variants). Like the majority of all big-manu keycap GB's, each individual kit includes exactly (and only) what their names imply (Alphas, Mods, Numpad, etc.), but unfortunately what you're looking for is what's called a "Base Kit" & isn't offered for this set. There's a visual-reference containing renders of each of the offered kits & what they include in the "Details" tab, in case you aren't sure what's considered "standard". 👍🏽
Any chance of seeing this profile when compared to something like GMK Cherry?
I've been trying to recreate the elusive Penumbra set with the GMK Colorchrome mods/accents and these alphas. I like the result but wish there was a 'base' model with some of the odds and ends. Either way the look and feel of the caps is terrific and the contrast between them and the mods in terms of shape is nearly exact which I was worried about too. I think because the material is slightly different it works well. I'm not sure it would do as well if the mods were on the lighter side but who knows. Also in low light with RGB, these caps are 100% pure cream. If you're at all into RGB I'd definitely recommend as I've at least not found this colorway elsewhere that also hold the light, as they are usually thicker and much less translucent.

Apr 21, 2022
is this a sculpted profile? never heard of DCD, you think they'd mention something about it in the description.
It is sculpted. DCD is DCP, renamed at the same time that the DCX rename was revealed. You're right, this should be clarified.