Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

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Drop + MiTo GMK Belafonte / Hennessey Decorations Keycap Set
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Meet Operation Hennessey: Belafonte’s Nemesis

Life on the water has its ups and downs, especially for a captain. This companion keycap set to GMK Belafonte pays tribute to another famous oceanographer, this one with a more subdued look. Styled in monochromatic fashion, GMK Hennessey is similar to MiTo’s other one-off sets, like Cockpit for Godspeed and Cyberdeck for SA Laser. It features brand-new lowercase legends for the modifiers—a never-before-seen look for GMK.

Note: Looking for GMK Hennessey’s companion set, GMK Belafonte? Click here.

Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set
Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

Durable Doubleshot ABS Construction

Made with ABS plastic with a semi-matte finish, the keycaps are doubleshot injected, which means the legends won’t fade over time. They’re also sculpted in German-designed Cherry profile, known for its comfortable feel for programmers, writers, and more. As far as compatibility, the keycaps will fit on Cherry MX stems and related clones.

Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set
Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set
Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

Hennessey Base

Inspired by a certain washed-up oceanographer’s arch nemesis, this kit offers enough coverage for 40% (like the Planck), 60%, HHKB style, 65%, 75%, Alice, Tenkeyless, 100% and 1800 layout keyboards.

Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

Hennessey Numpad

This kit is a numpad add-on for 104-key and 1800 keyboard layouts.

Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set


Drop + MiTo GMK Hennessey Custom Keycap Set

  • Designed by MiTo
  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile
  • ABS doubleshot legends
  • MX-style stems


Images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final product may differ slightly.


We get it. Sometimes what you ordered just doesn’t work out. If that’s the case for you, don’t fret! All customers (both US and international) may return this item in new, unused condition within 30 days of delivery.


Estimated ship date is Nov 30, 2022 PT.

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any plans on dropping extras?
Mar 17, 2021
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Mar 18, 2021
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Genuine question. How is this worth over $100?
Dec 5, 2021
Top Answer
I mean, with special keycap sets you are no doubt paying some premium for the designer. I don't know what keycaps you've had but not all keycaps are created equally even if theyre the same material...Read More
Dec 5, 2021
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Any estimate when the restock will be available?
May 26, 2021
Top Answer
+ GMK Hennessey Status: sold out - to restock later this year From MiTo's DiscordRead More
May 26, 2021
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It is a very good keycap
Rama Thermal Milk with GMK Hennessey + novelties from GMK Belafonte
Bleached (left), Hennessy (right) with some other white objects for reference.
Hennessey with accents
hennessey on a Tofu 65
GMK Hennessey on Matrix 2.0 add
On EWite Bella
UI,OP be inconsistent in spacing
Space65 CV x GMK Hennessey
Hennessey & BoW
Love it!
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