Drop + MiTo GMK Laser Custom Keycap Set
Drop + MiTo GMK Laser Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
GMK Laser is hurtling through the atmosphere once again. This time, MiTo’s cyberpunk-themed set features expanded support for more layouts, and fresh new kits to supercharge the Laser look.
Laser Goes Supernova

MiTo’s Laser custom keycap set earned glowing reviews when we first launched it years ago—and cyberpunk is here to stay. Round two of GMK Laser features all the bright lights, dark shadows, and ‘80s vibes you loved in round one, plus some key updates, including a streamlined base kit, expanded ISO and other layout support, and new offerings to push the aesthetic even further into the neon underworld. Dripping with futuristic colors and cultural references from the cyberpunk past, GMK Laser is crafted in Germany using custom Cherry tooling. The keycaps themselves are made of thick doubleshot ABS for longevity and strength.

Note: For all preorders, we will be charging your payment method immediately upon joining, as opposed to at the end. At checkout, choose the base kit (base price) or several other kits, each detailed below.

Base Kits

Cyberdeck - $110

A complete pack of US ANSI alphas and modifiers, including keycaps to cover various 60%, tenkeyless, 65%, 75%, and full-size keyboards. There's an extra 2u SHIFT and 2.25u SHIFT for Leopold users, 1.75u CONTROL and stepped CAPS LOCK keycaps, and the classic 7u spacebar configuration. Depending on your layout, you may need to add the Extras kit and/or Bars kit for full coverage. Contrasting ESC/ENTER keycaps are also available for a splash of style.

Synthwave M170 - $99

An exclusive, compact and versatile spin on the Laser colorway, featuring monocolor dark keycaps with cyan legends. This kit is aesthetically pleasing by itself but it allows GMK Laser R1 and GMK Laser R2 users to accomplish unique alternate looks when combined with the classic Cyberdeck kit or even Kobe/Gaijin.

Alphas and Modifiers

Gaijin - $65

A Hiragana double legends kit compatible with Cyberdeck, Blocknet, or Synthwave M170. When combined with Cyberdeck/Synthwave M170, you can cover two keyboards—one of them being a 60% HHKB layout.

Kobe - $65

A Hiragana mono legends kit compatible with Cyberdeck, Blocknet, or Synthwave M170. When combined with Cyberdeck/Synthwave M170, you can cover two keyboards—one of them being a 60% HHKB layout. 

Blocknet - $65

A compact modifier kit with a modern iconographic convention by MiTo. This kit works as an add-on for Cyberdeck/Synthwave or complementary kit for Kobe/Gaijin. It’s designed for TKL, 75%, 65%, and 60% keyboards. 


Novelties - $45

This kit features classic designs from '80s pop culture and the cyberpunk/outrun genre. The set includes extra accents for the ESC, WASD, and ENTER keys, as well as arrow keycaps and various decoration keycaps.

Turbo - $45

Inspired by the 1988 Corvette speedometer, this kit features a digital clock design to entirely outfit the function row or number row, together with a gradient compatible with both the Cyberdeck and Synthwave M170 kits. There's also a pair of accents for the Sunset and DeLorean designs. In cyan, you’ll find a reference to 88 MPH. 


Extras - $50

An assortment of extra keycaps for 40% layouts and hobbyist custom keyboards.

ISO - $60

This kit is designed as an add-on for the Cyberdeck for multiple European layouts. 

Bars - $18

An assortment of hot-pink neon space bars, all convex and in various sizes. 


Images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final product may differ slightly.

  • Designed by MiTo
  • Produced by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Made in Germany

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