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Drop Paragon Series Moon Shot Keyboard

Drop Paragon Series Moon Shot Keyboard

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I’m surprised at all the people calling foul on the price for the board. If you part it out it’s slightly overpriced, but not to any ridiculous degree. By my math, to build this yourself, you’d be looking at: Drop CTRL High profile -$200 SA Godspeed -$140 (alphas -$45 mods -$95) Holy Pandas -$105 (for 90) Total -$445 That leave a $55 up charge for lubing and assembly. Not cheap by any stretch, but I wouldn’t call it a ripoff. That said, I still think this is a waste at its price given how limited the CTRL is by current standards. The lack of VIA support and 3-pin north facing sockets make this a hard pass for me.
Jan 29, 2022
is it fully assembled?
LeonardoYes. Simple plug and play right out of the box
Jan 26, 2022
Who on earth is pricing this stuff? And can I have some of what they're smoking?
Jan 4, 2022
Drop, you got a be ducking kidding us... No additional keycaps for numpad/macropad, not even novelties, no info about pcb rather than is hot-swappable and rgb, an outdated Ctrl with so limited options and for ONLY $500... Oh, wait, has pandas, some "carefully placed dampening material" for further refinement and some custom stabilizers... You don't address some of the problems that your keyboards had and have, so how we can be sure we are not getting bugs at premium cost. Color wise, looks nice, no doubt, but in the end this is just a way overpriced outdated and limited keyboard option. If you don´t know where to spend your money... keep looking. Sorry for the rant but what do you expect about this, is dissapointing at least...
Oct 17, 2021
I'll get one at $350. I mean it's outdated, 3-pins and the issues around double-typing are still out there. Cool colorway for sure.
Oct 17, 2021
Just surprised you didn't offer FREE shipping on an expensive KEEB - such as this ; ) You're making money already, why bother gouging further than allowing free distribution of this item all over this Planet?
Nov 12, 2021
Who cares, otherwise only sell your JUNK inside the United States instead of pushing it elsewhere around the Globe. Very easy decision but I forgot, you need us to pay the prices to keep your business afloat, so either wake up or face more loss towards KBDfans and Kono, when they release decent products. Lost count when I bought something from your business today, it's just not happening any more, not like when you lot were known as MassDrop, now that had superb purchasing incentives (very cheap) that were available for everyone around this Planet. Pity it now has vanished completely and is now being distributed, by your competitors. That is how you stay in business for 2022 and beyond. Pity your competitors got smart, but DROP remains completely Brain Dead during 2021, or what's left of it ; )
Nov 13, 2021
ElrickWell, to give @Andy_Who some credit; I'm pretty sure he *isn't* a Drop employee... and I've seen his comments in the past, being unimpressed with Drops history of cash-grabs, & same-old uninspired colorways. So he's no shill, either. But yeah, I'm unaware if their Free Shipping promo is applicable anywhere other than the U.S. - but the fact that it isn't an automatic inclusion with the price, worldwide, is pretty dodgy...
Oct 14, 2021
Definitely not priced to move quickly off the shelves.
Oct 13, 2021
Have they even acknowledged or fixed the Ctrl's double tapping?
Oct 13, 2021
Oct 13, 2021
Hard pass!
Oct 13, 2021
XnightcrawlOkay. To be fair. I've always liked the aesthetic of the Drop CTRL keyboard. However. It's a bit dated. At its time, it was a good keyboard. But w/ Keychron, Glorious, Novelkeys, and etc. companies providing more updated and cheaper products, how can Drop justify the price of their new keyboards? I don't get. One would think they would cut the price on their current stock and come up w/ a competitive keyboard. All they are doing is angering the crowd they are trying to sell to. Unless they are trying to sell to people who are completely clueless on mechanical keyboards.
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