Drop + T0mb3ry SA Yuri Custom Keycap Set
Drop + T0mb3ry SA Yuri Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
Inspired by the Soviet Vostok 1 space mission, which launched the first-ever man into space, these colorful keycaps will give your favorite board a cosmic twist.
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Yuri’s Second Mission Is a Go

The first time we launched Yuri (in GMK’s Cherry profile), it quickly skyrocketed to fame. It’s no surprise why. Inspired by vintage posters depicting the 1961 Soviet Vostok 1 space mission, the one-of-a-kind set takes its name from the first human to ever enter space: Yuri Gagarin. Thanks to so much interest in the first run, we’re relaunching Yuri—this time in tall, sculpted SA profile. Designed by T0mb3ry (who created the Carbon and Eclipse sets), SA Yuri combines dark blue modifiers with pale blue alphas, evoking the sense of wonder surrounding space travel during the 1960s. Also notable are the fiery orange accents to represent Gagarin’s flight suit, creating a look straight out of the Space Race era.

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Durable Doubleshot ABS Construction

Though Yuri Gagarin’s groundbreaking mission took just 108 minutes, these ABS keycaps will last far longer. Thanks to a durable, doubleshot ABS construction, the keycaps offer a premium feel and long-lasting build. Sculpted in SA profile, they’re tall and heavily curved for a satisfying feel with each press. The MX-style stems are compatible with most keyboards, including those with non-standard and standard layouts.


This kit has four variants to choose from: Alphas (Latin legends), Cyrillics (Cyrillic legends), Cosmos (dark colorway with Latin legends), and Dual Cosmos (Latin + Cyrillic dual legends). Combine with a Modifiers Kit for coverage of basic layouts from 60% up to TKL.

Dual Cosmos

This kit has three variants to choose from: Modifiers (Latin legends), Cyrillic Modifiers (Cyrillic legends), and Dual Modifiers (Latin + Cyrillic dual legends). Combine with an Alphas Kit for coverage of basic layouts from 60% up to TKL.

Cyrillic Modifiers
Dual Modifiers
Numpad Kit

Included in this kit are keys for both a dual-tone or monotone look. Combine with an Alphas Kit and Modifiers Kit for coverage of fullsize keyboards.

Ergodox and 40 Percent

These kits provide coverage for ErgoDox and 40% layouts.

Novelties and UK ISO

 Various novelty keys to complete the themed look of this set and UK ISO support.

Spacebars and Spacekeys

 Various spacebars in three colors for nonstandard bottom rows or extra customization.

DCS Alps Kit

A standalone kit in DCS profile with Alps mount supporting basic layouts from 60% up to TKL. Note: All keycaps in the DCS Alps Kit requiring stabilizers utilize Cherry-style stabilizer inserts.

  • Designed by T0mb3ry
  • Produced by Signature Plastics
  • SA profile (DCS for the ALPS Yuri Kit)
  • MX-style stem (ALPS-style stem for ALPS Yuri Kit)
  • Doubleshot ABS legends
  • Made in USA

Images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final product may differ slightly.


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