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Dwarf Factory Astrovert Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Astrovert Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Dwarf Factory is known for bringing whimsy, quality, and a full-fledged backstory to your keyboard with their artisan keycaps, and the Astrovert Artisan adds in a little flavor from deep space. As the story goes, the Astrovert is a wayward astronaut set on a perpetual mission to find, adopt, and deliver fantastical artifacts from other realms Read More

Greetings, friends from Earth! Welcome aboard the Dwarf Factory's latest expedition into the unknown. Meet Astrovert, the space train's captain, an astronaut who happens to “settle down” in a weird, wild galaxy!  And this is the story about him. All alone in his floating space cabin, where he makes the most of his life while attempting to explore this new universe:
  • Space Floater: Chilling in his lil’ space, Astrovert forgets everything, just floats and enjoys the moment! 
  • Nova Battery: Can you imagine a planet consisting of perpetual energy floating in space? Simply plug & play, Astrovert no longer has to be concerned about his electric bills!
  • Dopey Stuff: Astrovert's latest discovery, Rasta, an alien plant with the ability to slow down time when burned. It’s wickedddd awwwwwwsome!
  • Cosmic Junkie: In space, Astrovert does not fish for food, but rather for the amusement of pulling up random junk: dirty boots, spare parts, and sometimes sweet Twinkies cake!
  • Galactic Sea: Where there is a place to fish, there is also a place to surf. Astrovert recently fished himself a surfboard! Surf's up if you're in need of some vitamin sea🤙
So, what is your go-to pastime? Oh wait, don't tell me that. Just pick up an Astrovert, and we’ll know what your favorite recreation is. But whatever it is, we are confident that you will enjoy it! We nearly forgot! Thank you for your never-ending love and support for us and our work. we are eternally grateful👽💚 Salute🖖
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