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Dwarf Factory Gnarly Drakon Artisan Keycap V2

Dwarf Factory Gnarly Drakon Artisan Keycap V2

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Product Description
The Dwarf Factory Gnarly Drakon is one of the fiercest, fieriest artisan keycaps we’ve ever run, and the second generation channels that style with even more heat. You’ll find the same intricate little dragon friend alongside floral accents perfectly captured in clear resin, but now you’ll get to choose between several new colorways including the extra-bold Fya Noir Read More

Jun 9, 2022
Are there any differences in the design, besides the colour schemes and shine through? Just want to know how well it'll match the V1 I got :)
jimdandyThe design is the same but we offer more options of colorways to you guys!
May 31, 2022
No doubt Dwarf factory makes really beautiful work on their keycaps. I am a happy owner of the v1 of this set and I can tell the painting job have changed, v2 has a lot of details and certainly is an improvement over v1. If I had the money I would buy one for sure, worth the money.
DaeronicusThank you so much! I'm glad that you love our works, actually beside the painting job, the most important imporvement is Led translucent. Hope you enjoy our "Art"
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