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Dwarf Factory The Primal Mecha Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory The Primal Mecha Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Venture deep into Dwarf Factory’s galaxy of ultra high-quality artisan keycaps… In this episode, we reveal the discovery of Astrovert in his pursuit of the comet Mc.Voyager X: a completely translucent planet and its leviathan inhabitants, the Mechraken. With these massive monsters and their intricate mechanical appendages lying in wait—our heroic voyagers must navigate parts unknown with supreme style and courage Read More

Come join us for a new space voyage!! 
This time, we embark on the intergalactic train into Deep Space, where the first Mechas reside! These mysterious, primitive beings are progenitors of the Mecha species, a race of sentient bio-robotic creatures with superhuman capabilities!
Let’s begin our excursion into the ancient Mecha wonders: Mc.Voyager X & Mechraken!

  • Mc.Voyager X: take caution as you approach the fearsome King of all the McWhale in the universe, notorious for its gigantic size and hunting abilities! 
  • Mechraken: behold the deep space tyrant, who enjoys wrecking down ships and gnawing on their energy cores. In front of you lies the terror of all space travelers!
Stay as long as you want to admire the Mechas' inner mechanics, just semi-hidden under their translucent shell…and don’t forget to snap a photo of Mecha's transportation device: 2C2T-bot the Ancient Automation while you’re at it!! 
Beyond the event horizon…is a whole new world of Mecha, waiting to stir up your imagination! 👽🤖 
Bon voyage!!🖖
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