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Dwarf Factory The Seacrets Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory The Seacrets Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
The Dwarf Factory The Seacrets Artisan Keycap Series captures mythical whimsy in the form of six daughters of the deep ocean’s God of the Sea, as well as a set of trapped mermaids adding beauty and drama. Each one bringing their own power and essence—from precious controlling the waves to lulling explorers to sleep with her voice—these six daughters deliver beautiful style and storytelling to your nautical keyboard theme Read More

Dwarf Factory
Feb 21, 2023
‘Ello friends from Drop! This February, Dwarf Factory wishes to tell you a new nautical fable told by our own artisan keycaps. We add a steampunk twist to traditional folklore by releasing the Seacrets artisan keycaps collection of 5 different designs:
  • Mermaid (1u), a little mermaid sleeping in a bottle.
  • C.U.A (1.5u – Tab), a crab with a crown
  • Ha Gao (1.75u – Capslock), an axolotl with a big key
  • Krake (2.25u – Enter, Left Shift), an octopus with a trident
  • and Nautilux (1.25u – Ctrl, Window, Alt), a mechanic nautilus
Together, The Seacrets collection gives your keyboard modifier an arcane look in 3 different colorways: Kana, Jasper, and Sweetie. We also offer 3 more colorways: Dreamie, Honey, and Herbie for the Mermaid keycaps, giving you an array of options for adorning your other keyboards. When you purchase and unbox the Seacrets, please prepare to be impressed with the insane steampunk details and the beautiful sculpture of each Mermaid and other sea creatures keycaps.  Thank you for your interest in The Seacrets artisan keycaps and “ahoy”! Dwarf Factory
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