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ePBT Warrior MK III PBT Keycap Set

ePBT Warrior MK III PBT Keycap Set

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Product Description
The AlohaKB ePBT Warrior MK III Keycap Set is an eye-catching, slick set of caps that channels just the right balance for futuristic and militantly awesome. Featuring the ideal balance of black and dark gray for most of the keys, with pops of camo green, deep slate, and bright caution-sign yellow on the modifier keys, the BA54-designed Warrior MK III is dressed perfectly to hit the trenches for your next gaming session Read More

Jul 30, 2023
These luck utterly amazing! I've always liked 'military' themed fonts. These keycaps don't really have those fonts as legends but they do give me that vibe. Unfortunately, if a keycap isn't backlit compatible I'm not going to go for them.
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