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Feker Machinic 02 980 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Feker Machinic 02 980 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
The Feker Machinic 02 980 is a mechanical keyboard kit that stands out in a number of ways. First, the three-layer glass construction delivers a degree of transparency that highlights the RGB lighting array in stunning brilliance Read More

Jul 19, 2022
I have this keyboard. It has one pretty bad drawback. No per key lighting. You cannot set individual key colors. All you get for static colors are a few whole keyboard solid colors and a rainbow. It's weird, even the cheap noname amazon rgb mechanicals let you do this. Also, "organic glass" means acrylic, like fish tanks.
Mar 28, 2022
if only High Profile
Dec 25, 2021
Need high profile version
Sep 29, 2021
i got what i think is essentially the same thing but for a tkl and by inkc and the usb port is on the right side rather than the left. the build qual is actually not that nice - the feet are these really shitty grippy nubs that i think are glued on (mine, slightly unevenly) and the usb port is literally a gaping hole. my board is also fucked up with the lighting settings and keys not working altho presumably that's not universally true. it made me appreciate the massdrop boards a lot more actually.. that being said, for the price, seems pretty good and i might pick one of these up...
Sep 28, 2021
Not focused on this specific board, but I'm curious if Feker 87 kit with three types of connectivity is a decent quality or should I go with Varmilo VCS87?
I was fantasizing about a Womier 96% just the other day.
Sep 27, 2021
organic mean feed with grass ?
Sep 27, 2021
I was able to build this keyboard before it became available here. It's not a bad kit, and I like that we have a Womier-style keyboard in the 98-key layout. Handful of things for people to be aware of:
  • The case doesn't diffuse the RGB quite as well as the Womier boards do. You get some hotspotting here.
  • The included stabilizers are really, really bad. Replace them ASAP.
  • The PCB on my version actually slid a bit in the case, so the tolerances aren't as high as many other boards
  • The included keycaps are only passable. They show RGB great but are thin and feel very light under the fingers. I'd replace them with another pudding set if you can find one that's compatible.
Otherwise, it's not bad for the money!
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