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Gateron Oil King Linear Mechanical Switches

Gateron Oil King Linear Mechanical Switches

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please ask gateron to release a version without factory lube, it takes more time to clean the factory lube than actual lubing
Dec 30, 2022
looks like the standard price if you get 2 of these packs but unless you have drop rewards who's waiting 3 months for them to ship? lol
Sep 10, 2022
I like em but they're on they heavy side of resistance. Very smooth and sounds great but they slow me down just a little.
A community member
Aug 10, 2022
This works out to 80¢ per switch; most places are selling these for 64-65¢ each, in stock now.
Jul 13, 2022
NovelKeys has them in stock and $23 for 36 switches
A community member
Jul 10, 2022
Divinikey and UpgradeKeyboards both have these in stock now, for less - no waiting until late September. I'm sure other US and international vendors have them too. What's the incentive for going through Drop?
Apr 26, 2022
Was going to order a few packs. Shipping to me in Canada is never this high. $25USD is pretty crazy.
Apr 25, 2022
Prevail has it cheaper...and there's a ton of 3% coupon codes floating around on their site...and takes roughly 7 business days to get.
i think your math is off.... divinikey and upgrade both sell them at $0.65/ea drop is selling them for $0.72/ea so if you need 70 for your typical 60 or 65% board.... at upgrade: $50.50 shipped - get them now at divinikey: $52.68 shipped - get them now at drop: $55 shipped - get them in a couple of months
Apr 23, 2022
mdotPrevail Key also has them cheaper. You can get 70 for $45.50 or 90 for $58.50. Shipping to where I live was $3. Get yourself a coupon code for 5% off from any keyboard content creator out there (even I have one! 😆: "iosam") and you could outfit a TKL board for $58.60 shipped (plus taxes) instead of $80 shipped (plus taxes) here.
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