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Gateron Pro White Custom Mechanical Switches

Gateron Pro White Custom Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Designed to deliver exceptional linear travel that lasts, Gateron’s Pro White custom mechanical switches don’t compromise in any category. Factory pre-lubricated for an ultra-smooth feel, they require 38 grams of force to operate—making them on the lighter side, without excessive sensitivity Read More

Aug 22, 2021
Does getting the two-stage spring increase the stock 38g force?
Aug 22, 2021
I think all of the old Gateron switches will be renewed into "Pro" version. Either they will change the design of housings, stems and etc. or they just factory lube them, and maybe change the spring.
Aug 20, 2021
The new Gateron Pro switches are great. Very good stock lube job and the new molds are tighter and better than ever. Films can help but are not required like with many JWK switches and Old Gat yellows. These are the lightest so far of the Gat Pro line. I much prefer the Yellows, but if you need a light switch give these a go. I can't decide if I want to grab some as I don't like the weight but I kind of want them as there great. I do wish they had the extra 2 pins but as these are pre-lubed switches I feel there more so aimed at the consumers who don't want to have to do any modding of their switches. So I get it I just don't like it.
Aug 20, 2021
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Aug 20, 2021
Not sure if Gateron will be reading the posts made here, or whoever commissioned these to be made, but, can we please stop having 3-pin-only switches? It's much more stable if the holes for it are present in the PCB, and if they're not all it takes is a flushcutter, and some of use even don't use a plate. Can't add those pins... :/
Aug 21, 2021
MinaDarshI'm a guy who also prefers 5-pin for plateless builds, but if we're being completely honest, stability of 3/5-pin switches is completely moot when you use a plate, which is over 99% of builds out there. You can't tell the difference between plated 3 and 5-pin.
Aug 21, 2021
nataku411I can't tell a difference with hotswap plateless either, I think it only matters when soldering.
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