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HiFi Boy OS V3 IEM

HiFi Boy OS V3 IEM

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Product Description
One of the first IEMs from a manufacturer that’s still new on the scene, the HiFi Boy OS V3 is getting a lot of love from the audiophile community. It uses a triple-driver configuration with one ultra-high-frequency balanced armature, one high-frequency balanced armature, and one 7-millimeter dynamic driver with a magnetic composite diaphragm Read More

Customer Reviews

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May 2, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Wow what a treat these are, I'm fairly new to the audiophile community and I had a few friends recommend these to me for my first pair of iems and I have to say these were well worth the price. They have some excellent sound to them, the bass is perfect (for me at least), vocals are crystal clear, the mid range is very smooth, The high end reaches beyond what i expected and they are also very comfortable. I listened to them for about 2 hours and I only took them off because I had to save my cat from a ravenous Chihuahua. The included eartips are very comfortable as well, especially the foam tips. The only real downfall to them Is their cable and the carrying case they both feel cheap to me. Other than that these are fantastic, magical, little iems that I wholeheartedly recommend.
May 30, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
These will be my new daily workhorse for sure. These earphones seem to hit all the points of contention I've had with the last few IEM purchases I've made (KZ as16, CCA c10, macaw gt600s to name the recent ones). The tonality is very pleasing but also seems to realistically represent the source file, which seems to be a balance that chinese IEM manufacturers don't often get quite right. Familiar songs just sound right, but very good, and perhaps with a touch of extra bass. Speaking of the bass; it is very good. There is plenty of presence to the lower registers and drums feel impactful but rather tight and controlled as well. The mids and highs are very pleasing to my ears as well. There is a definite clarity and presence to the highs in addition to the lows... overall just a very good sound. The cable seems meh, but decent enough. The quality of the monitors themselves seems quite good, it's fairly evident that the entire thing more or less is handmade, but in a good way. The selection of ear tips is somewhat excessive to be honest, but I'm sure anybody who likes silicone tips will enjoy the extras The fit is also the most comfortable I've had out of a set of IEM's, I don't seem to fiddle with them after putting them in, and they are quite lightweight and don't want to move after being inserted. I'm in love...
Sep 13, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Nothing special
The mids are elevated too much, also there's a significant peak at 7.5KHz (from hearing, using tone generator). Later saw it confirmed on crinacle graph. Overall tonality is not natural and strange (may be because of bass detached from mids - see crinacle graph). Not recommended - there are better options, especially for this price.
Jun 14, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Great sounding iem
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