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IDOBAO ID67 Plus Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

IDOBAO ID67 Plus Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The IDOBAO ID67 Plus Mechanical Keyboard stands out from IDOBAO’s impressive line of offerings in a lot of ways. The high-end metal build provides rigidity and premium sturdiness, while the soft-touch powder spraying technology with the top shell “frosted” paint process provides a truly unique look and feel for this board Read More

These ship with BOX Jellyfish linears; a good choice for an RGB board thanks to being all-clear. As a bonus, they're highly resistant to dust and even water (this resistance doesn't carry-over to the PCB though, keep that in mind). The PCB is South-facing, though with these switches it doesn't really matter; the cylinder-shrouded BOX switches are direction-agnostic. That is, it doesn't matter what direction they're mounted in, they won't interfere with GMK or other typically North-interfering caps.
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