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IDOBAO Montex Numpad Hotswappable Kit

IDOBAO Montex Numpad Hotswappable Kit

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Product Description
The IDOBAO Montex is a hot-swappable, external number pad that will expand the functionality of your numpad-less mechanical keyboard, without throwing your aesthetic or spacing out the window. Designed in a high-quality, sandblasted aluminum enclosure— powder coated in one of six colors that range from army green to subtle grey—the Montex is high on looks and function Read More

Feb 9, 2022
Has anyone had luck connecting the Montex directly to a CTRL through the second USB-C port? I hooked it up initially using my iPad Air 4th Gen USB-C to USB-C charging cable and it worked. LEDs fired up, all the keys registered fine. I didn’t need such a long cord, so I ordered a 1 foot USB-C to USB-C and it didn’t work at all; no lights, nothing. Returned that cable, tried another, nothing. I’m on my 3rd shorter 1 foot cable now and none of the shorter cables have worked so far. I checked again with the iPad cable and it fires right up. Any suggestions for a shorter cable?
Feb 1, 2022
Got this all set up with VIA (all the necessary hex and json files are on the IDOBAO website product page btw). LEDs were very bright the first time I plugged it in but after flashing have gone extremely dim and only the top most row is lit, which you can hardly tell because of how dim it is. Any ideas on how to fix this? otherwise the board works great.
Feb 8, 2022
mattiemisfitwith VIA and assuming that you also got the per key RGB version (v2), you can program a layer to control the RGB keys using the keycodes found here: Unfortunately I don't use VIA so I'm not sure what the IU has for those codes in VIA. Here is a example of the brightness at max Note: You can also join the IDOBAO discord if you want for more technical issues about it since there are IDOBAO mods and contributors that shares their issues and ideas.
Jan 23, 2022
I was part of this drop and have recieved this ahead of the expected shipping date. Was happy to see that I actually got the V2 of this with RGB backlighting instead of the white backlighting on the switch leds.
Dec 1, 2021
I bought this months ago on IDOBAO website and I must say its pretty cool, having those extra keys for macros or apps is really helpful. I flashed mine with VIA to get the layout that I wanted. The only issue for me was that i couldn't find a way (that I know of) to change the stock light effects for the bottom leds, so I have to use the default presets.. still nice but I would prefer to create and to have more.
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