Infinity ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard Kit
Infinity ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard Kit
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Product Description
All keyboard designs begin with a simple goal: Create a device that allows people to use their hands to communicate with a computer. The ErgoDox, first invented by Dominic Beauchamp, has been completely re-imagined by Jacob Alexander and the team at Input Club Read More
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All keyboard designs begin with a simple goal: Create a device that allows people to use their hands to communicate with a computer. The ErgoDox, first invented by Dominic Beauchamp, has been completely re-imagined by Jacob Alexander and the team at Input Club. This iteration of the ErgoDox is the most technically sophisticated split keyboard to date and has a host of innovative features.

Note: Here's a link to the build guide. This is a DIY kit, so you will have to do the assembly yourself. There will be no component soldering other than switches. This drop is limited to 800 kits.

The Blue, Gray, Red keycap set used for the various other photos on this description page is Granite.

The Orange, Beige, and Gray keycap set in other pictures is Carbon.

Keyboard Layout

First, the Infinity ErgoDox is split in two so that you may type with your hands as far apart as is naturally comfortable. This gives you more flexibility to relax your shoulders and arms. The split also allows you to angle the boards and doesn’t force you to contort your wrists, as happens when one types on a flat surface.

The next thing many people notice about the ErgoDox is that the layout of keys is different from what they may have seen before. Instead of staggering the keys into rows, the ErgoDox layout is arranged in columns, since fingers are far better suited to move forward and back than side to side. Lastly, as many typists are aware, the thumb has a vastly different typing method from the fingers, so the ErgoDox has a “thumb cluster” with a special set of keys optimized for a better typing experience.


The first implementation of the ErgoDox was spearheaded by the Geekhack and Deskthority keyboard communities and organized by Massdrop 4 years ago. Since then, the project has come a long way and has been constantly improved upon. Beyond providing the ergonomic reasons for making the switch to a split keyboard, the ErgoDox is also fully programmable and has an online configurator that people can use to place keys wherever they please. Once the community went through the process of rigorously designing and iterating on a popular idea, it became obvious that people wanted to be involved in the creation and design of their keyboards. Massdrop and Input Club collaborated to create the Infinity Project, an effort to create a system that could produce mechanical keyboards of any configuration.


The Infinity Project is a system designed to allow people to group together, vote on ideas, and build the exact keyboard they want. The first Infinity keyboard was a 60% keyboard, dubbed the "HHKB 3," that was voted on by nearly 1,300 people in this poll. We've applied this process to the ErgoDox and constructed an entirely new circuit board and case to show the mechanical keyboard community what is possible. The Infinity ErgoDox comprises two completely independent keyboards that can be connected to form one device at will.

All Infinity line keyboards are open source and available on Github to tinker with and improve upon. This policy has allowed for community members and companies alike to design aftermarket add-ons like the Datamancer Infinity ErgoDox Hardwood Case or the Grifiti ErgoDox Wrist Rest. It also makes the Infinity ErgoDox a vibrant and active software/hardware project, instead of a static and obsolete split keyboard.

Switch Options

Choose from Cherry, Matias, Gateron, or Zealios switches at checkout.

Switches & Keycaps

This ErgoDox can come with the full variety of mechanical switches offered on the market today. Cherry and Gateron switches are compatible with most keycaps on the market, but Matias keycaps have an Alps stem and may be more challenging to find keycaps for. There are several different keycap options available at checkout for the ErgoDox and pictured below are the different keycap types offered. The two offered with this listing are DSA keycaps, which are all uniform and flat, and DCS, which have varying slants to cradle your fingers as you type.

DSA and DCS are profiles designed by Signature Plastics. You can learn more about their profiles by looking at their helpful Standard Keycap Families Page.

Keycap Options

Add DSA, DCS, Clear DCS, or no keycaps at checkout.

If you choose Matias switches, please be aware that only DSA is available with Matias/Alps stems for this drop.

Black DCS
Clear DCS

Previous ErgoDox kits also required either considerable electronics prowess or a deep belief in oneself, but for the Infinity ErgoDox we have simplified the process dramatically. All that is necessary to build this kit is to solder switches, assemble the case, and place keycaps. Here is a link to a build guide walking you through the process.


Another new addition to the Infinity ErgoDox is a configurable LCD screen, intended to allow you to see what layer you are on for each half of your keyboard. This LCD screen is a major step in a long journey toward allowing you to completely understand and interact with your keyboard at a hardware level, totally independent of your operating system.

To learn more about the other Infinity Keyboards, check out this page.

The Infinity ErgoDox is a continually improving open source, ergonomic, split, mechanical keyboard kit. It is one of the most satisfying tools you will ever make and it can dramatically improve your typing experience. No other keyboard available has the ability to adapt to your physical and mental needs in quite the same way, and we hope that you enjoy using it as much as we loved designing it.

Easy Full Hand Add-On

One of the most requested options for the Infinity ErgoDox Mechanical Keyboard Kit has been the Full Hand version, which was available with the original ErgoDox. Now, following the redesign, the Full Hand version is available as an add-on. For those who already have an Infinity ErgoDox, this add-on can be attached to the original—no desoldering required.

The case is made from aluminum and acrylic, and was carefully designed to use fewer materials than previous iterations. The addition of the aluminum baseplate makes this keyboard significantly sturdier than other versions. It’s compatible with Grifiti ErgoDox wrist pads and can be further modded by the particularly adventurous.

  • NKRO with dramatically improved latency between keyboard halves.
  • Each half of the keyboard is a standalone input device
  • Keyboard Interconnect protocol for connecting two halves of the keyboard via USB Type C connector
  • Assembled PCB with onboard components
Special Credits
  • Approved by Dominic Beauchamp (Dox) as a worthy improvement to the ErgoDox.
  • PCB, Case, and Firmware Design by Input Club
  • Implemented by Massdrop
  • Keycaps available from Signature Plastics.
Review by randomfrankp
  • Assembled PCB
  • Choice of Cherry, Matias, Gateron, or Zealios Mechanical Switches
  • Layered Acrylic Case
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • 2 USB Type C to USB 3.0 Cables (usable on any regular USB 2 port)
  • Optional Signature Plastics Keycaps available at checkout
  • Thumb Cluster Stabilizer Kits
Change Log
  • Infinity ErgoDox V1.2 - Updated Connectors to Type C

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