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Kailh x Novelkeys Box Jade MX Mechanical Switches

Kailh x Novelkeys Box Jade MX Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Kailh and NovelKeys created their Box MX Mechanical Switches as a way to provide extra-sturdy key switches with substantial feel and sound. The Box Jade is a true testament to that spirit, featuring an operating force of 50 grams required, tactile force of 55 grams, and a bottom-out requirement of 60 grams for a really nice amount of pressure for tactile operation Read More

Jan 25, 2023
To anyone considering these, the subtle clicky sound and overall feel when pressing down makes this hands down my favourite clicky switch. Cannot recommend highly enough. I actually use these in my num pad.
Jan 24, 2023
To anyone reading this, these should be listed as Clicky, not Tactile. In fact, they have a separate click-bar that you can see in one of the pictures. It gives them a satisfying snap when they actuate. If you like clicky type keys, these are one of the best you can get. I've been using them on my GMMK Pro for the past couple years.
Jan 24, 2023
Astral_AbyssFunny enough I’ve also been using these in my GMMK Pro for about a year. Small world
Astral_AbyssCorrecting this as well, thank you for pointing it out.
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