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KeebMonkey Transparent SA Profile Keycaps (4-Pack)

KeebMonkey Transparent SA Profile Keycaps (4-Pack)

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Product Description
These transparent keycaps from KeebMonkey are designed to get out of the way. Pop one of these on your escape key or your function row to let your switches and RGB array shine through Read More

Nov 9, 2021
I respect the fact that these are made of resin. Would like to see these be made as a proper full-keyboard set in SA even at a premium price point. Perhaps there is a way to streamline production to create full sets and bring down the price some while maintaining the artisan resin quality.
Nov 8, 2021
These keycaps say they are R3 height, but the description says "use on your escape key or function row," which both are R1 height. More so, the pics show the keys spanning QWER and ASDF, which are height R2 and R3 respectively. I would think if you used these caps on QWER row, function row, or escape key, they would look out of place & be the wrong height. Unless I've missed something, I feel like this post could mislead newer keeb people. EDIT: I'll add I've never owned an SA profile set, so I could definitely have missed something, and would appreciate any clarification :)
dingosamaThere are a few sets that are completely R3, but in general I'd say yeah you're right. Would feel/look pretty weird on the other rows.
Nov 7, 2021
If you're willing to wait for GB extras I would look at SA poly clears. Larger keyset compatibility and cheaper as it's going to be made out of polycarbonate.
SmolBrotatoHi, Thank you for your comment. Let me tell you more about our product. First of all, the clearness of the caps aren’t the same: our product is made of resin, hand polished in order to achieve better transparency. Besides, these are thicker (about 1.5mm thick), and much more durable than normal keycaps. These are just sold as artisan keycaps, for displaying the switches underneath the keycaps.
Nov 8, 2021
KeebmonkeyThanks for actually responding. This is usually a pleasant surprised especially on Drop. I completely understand the nuances between the artisan aspect of the resin keycaps vs PC keycaps. I'm not discounting the existing of your products or the effort it takes to create this. But I did want to make other members of the community aware of other options that exist if they want to have more clear keycaps options. The thickness of a keyboard is generally loosely associated with durable. And this have some truths to it. Keycaps "durability" is not solely determined by thickness, but also the material composition the keycaps. E.g. PBT are more "durable" to shine over time than ABS. Additionally excessively thick keycaps can also hinder switch compatibility as well. I have multiple keycaps set that vary from 1.2mm to 1.6mm thick and they all have their strengths and weakness.
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