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Keywalker IFD68 RGB Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Keywalker IFD68 RGB Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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The 68-key layout is one of the most popular in the Mech Keys Community. It makes sense, really Read More

Oct 2, 2018
Woot, I think I figured it out! First of all, using windows emulation frameworks like Wine, Crossover etc. was a complete no go. The basic problem is that getting those frameworks direct USB access to the Keywalker doesn't work. So you can run the program, but it can't find the keyboard, all you get is a little popup "keyboard not connected" or something. Bleah.
Harder core virtualization was needed. But the sticking point is that you still need Windows and I wasn't interested in buying a whole copy of Windows just to run this one program. I could have tried running some Windows emulation on Linux on Mac, but then you're back in the same problem from above. I also briefly thought about bootcamp etc. but I'd still have the USB emulation+passthrough problem unless I installed windows directly.
VirtualBox to the rescue! VirtualBox has pretty robust emulation/connection tools and a plethora of different images. At first I thought I'd have to "borrow" a working Windows image to run the program, but Microsoft makes free images available for testing purposes.
- The tools - Some handy instructions, most of which apply for the Mac version of VirtualBox: - Free and totally legal IE images (I used IE8) from Microsoft:
Extremely abbreviated and probably incomplete instructions for legally reprogramming your Keywalker on a Mac:
- Clone to your Mac. - Download VirtualBox. - Download free IE8 VM image from Microsoft website. - Install IE8 VM. - Install Virtual Box tools to VM. - Reboot (many times). - Share cloned ifd68 directory through VirtualBox. - Plug in IFD68 keyboard to USB port. - Add IFD68 keyboard to VM via Devices -> USB menu item. - Navigate to shared ifd68 directory in the VM, it's on the network - Run fd68/software/original/programmer/IFD68.exe and Bob's your uncle!
That was easy, right! ;-)
Anyways, I reprogrammed my my CapsLock key to now be the left ctrl key and I am a happy camper! Using the Keywalker in bluetooth mode right now to type these instructions. Many thanks to GonzaloAlvarez, Oracle, and Microsoft for providing the tools I used for this.
Oct 2, 2018
Anybody been able to get the caps lock key remapped to ctrl for a Mac? I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro (13-inch late-2013) and when I connect via Bluetooth and go to the Keyboard -> Modifier Keys drop down the Keywalker doesn't show up in the drop down to modify. The reprogramming functionality seem to be exclusively Windows only. Am I SOL?
Apr 7, 2019
enkiduI don't have the keyboard... But Karabiner Elements is a MacOS software that helps me remap both my Anne Pro 2 and Drevo Calibur.
Apr 7, 2019
mcsam27Thanks! I eventually did figure it out using ifd68 tools, Virtual Box, and some IE images from Microsoft.
Sep 11, 2018
Any updates as if these are getting shipped today? So pumped!
Aug 31, 2018
Can I change keybindings for volume up, volume down, skip and go back in tracks, and play/pause? Also, what kind of lighting effects can I do? Is there per-key lighting customization?
Jun 22, 2018
):,,,, Why couldn't cherry mx silvers be an option. It'd be perfect ):
Jun 22, 2018
Anyone know what kind of replacement case/keycaps I can get for this?
Jun 25, 2018
joshualanI'm assuming that it would probably not be possible to get a replacement (aluminium) case for this, because this keyboard has a battery.
For keycaps, you can pick any set that you like, as long as it has a 1.75u shift (or blank) key.
Jun 21, 2018
Can someone lay down actual battery life figures when lights are on? and when its lights are off? and perhaps if someone tested its idle mode life.
Jun 22, 2018
Oh, the battery pack is plenty for routine use, you'll need to charge it, it's not a logitech mouse that you put one AA into when you buy it and forget about for a year, but it's not been a problem for me unless it sat in my laptop bag turned on for a week.
Jun 22, 2018
dammit. I do not need another wireless keyboard. I do not need another wireless keyboard. I do not need another wireless keyboard.....
Jun 20, 2018
I would buy this board if I could find and play with the RGB specific version of the prgm utility. I have the IFD68 and I really like it and the information found here was perfect for the NON-RGB:
Please add an official link to the firmware and utilities needed to make this work!
Apr 24, 2018
Still trying to get the keywalker bluetooth pairing to work. I've got the switch turned on and I'm still not seeing it an option to connect to the computer. Anyone else have suggestions?
Apr 26, 2018
saigonwheatHold the function key and any of the these letters until the light under the key starts blinking: Q, W, E
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