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LUGOO Dye-Subbed PBT Memphis Keycap Set

LUGOO Dye-Subbed PBT Memphis Keycap Set

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Product Description
Using pops of color rather than entire blocked layouts, this Memphis Keycap Set by LUGOO is a change of pace from the deep, dark colors of many other sets. With a subtle off-white background for alpha keys and pastel-adorned modifiers, the color scheme used for the Memphis set will brighten up a desk setup with soothing but whimsical vibes. Read More

Was this canceled? The description still says "Estimated ship date is Dec 10, 2021 PT."
Sep 13, 2021
Seems like this is not getting enough purchase. Too bad, I like this refreshing style.
Sep 6, 2021
The 2.75u right shift looks weird and out of place in the preview pic, is there a photo of how it looks in real life?
Sep 6, 2021
My set is a little different, the lettering does not have the second colour, just plain coloured letters. So take everything I say as possibly a different set. It is from china, it may be a copy. It is missing keys compared to this set here, but it has everything it was advertised with where I got it. That said, there is no mould marks or sprues or any swirling in the plastic on mine, they are perfect. Thickness is decent, 1.0 to 1.1mm.
Zibob@Zibob thanks for reply :) I will probably give a try. I like the color way
Sep 5, 2021
Anyone know what that beautiful chunky white case is?.
Wyatt232CA66 in white :)
Sep 6, 2021
SpencerLThanks ☺️
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