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Jul 14, 2017
Review on Sennheiser CX 2.00
Pros: + Good clear bass for such small ear phones. No signs of distortion. + Treble is clear as well. + Overall sound is crisp. + Comfortable for long periods of time. (8+ hours) + 4 sizes of ear adapters to use. + Blocks out low noise well. (Will not block out airplane engine noise like over ear headphones though.) + Saved $2.43 through Massdrop at $29.00 over Amazon at $31.42
Cons: - No case for earphones! Not even a little baggy! - Sennheiser symbol on each ear phone deteriorated in a week! Easily rubbed off with finger. - Bass has a soft punch which some people may not desire. - Sound stage may be small which some people may not desire.
Other thoughts: I received the Sennheiser CX 2.00 in black for this grab bag, so I lucked out, plus they were slightly cheaper then Amazon, but "nothing to write home about" on the $2.43 savings.
Overall, the sound is very good. These earphones are small and they have good bass, but can't deliver a hard punch a more expensive pair could deliver. However, the bass comes in well and has no distortion. The highs and mids are also crisp, so I can hear all the little extra background sounds you might not pick up with loud speakers.
Other then that, the ear phones are very comfortable. There are no manufacturing defects to make the earphones uncomfortable and I have worn them for 8+ hours at work. Only disappointments were not getting some sort of tiny carrying sack and the fact the labels rubbed completely off so early.
I would recommend these ear phones. I wouldn't use these for working out, but despite the logo rubbing off they sound decent and they are comfortable.
Jul 14, 2017
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