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Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp

Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp

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Product Description
Made in collaboration with Alex Cavalli, a legend in the world of headphone amps, the Liquid Carbon X is a solid-state, fully balanced, bridged amp with a clear, transparent, non-fatiguing sound. It has the same topology as the celebrated Liquid Carbon, along with updates to the form factor, switching power supply, and input and output jacks Read More
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Is there any difference in using the Balanced input->Balanced Output vs. the Single ended input->Balanced output?
Jan 2, 2020
Not only will the noise floor be higher when using single ended, but the overall signal strength that it is amplifying will be lower. Generally speaking, balanced connections are going to be rocking between 2x and 4x the voltage of single-ended, and this directly is reflected in the quality of sound produced by the balanced drive. Single-ended works, but frankly, sucks compared to what you get fully balanced. If possible, drive balanced amps with a balanced signal. It is what they're primarily designed for. Also when possible, use balanced headphones with a balanced amp. It is also what they're primarily designed for.
What are the advantages to getting this and stacking them?
Jan 2, 2020
More toys in less space. Example:

Is the output pre-amp or passthrough?
Jan 2, 2020
Pure electrical pass-through; so you can daisy-chain your single ended gear (like another headphone amp or speaker amp). Don't expect the signal quality to stay amazing if you chain a large number of devices.
Aug 10, 2020
How would I pair my Fiio M11 to this amp? Would I use a 3.5 jack from my LO of my M11 with split 4 pin connectors into the amp? Or a 3.5 jack from LO of M11 with Split male RCA connectors into the amp? Sorry for the stupid questions...
Aug 15, 2020
Use the RCA input as it is single ended. Frankly speaking I wanted to chain my Fiio M11 Pro via the balanced output, made a cable but haven't tried it yet. I even replied you with my recomendations to chain the amp tgrough the balanced output but then I went to fiio site and did not found anything about chaining m11/pro with the amps through the balanced outputs. According to fiio's site and guide the balanced outs are meant for headphones (but no wanings as to any other option whatsoever). So I will post a request on the fiio support forum before connecting through the balanced out.
Jan 15, 2020
Are both the SE and balanced outputs phase and polarity positive or are they inverting? Thanks.
Jul 1, 2020
I'm going out on a limb, actually a dead stick cuz I done seen this explained once but it was before I realized a proper PhD in audio engineering, with baller math skillz including quantum mechanical proficiency, craftmanship etc., is needed to really know what you're talking about. Which I have none, but I did give myself the worst intro I've ever read. The answer: No. I believe you're mixing the technical details of SE vs balanced. Balanced signals have a inverting phase which cancel out while SE is like forcing one positive phase the way.