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Megalodon 28% Console Macropad

Megalodon 28% Console Macropad

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Product Description
Megalodon has made its name developing playful, nostalgic macropads and peripherals—and the 28% Console Macropad switches that concept into high gear. It’s obvious just by looking at the Console Macro Pad that Nintendo’s game-changing Switch console was the design inspiration—but that fun extends to the functionality, too Read More

Jul 18, 2023
7x4 is such an odd layout. Too much for a macropad, too few for a keyboard. If it were 10x4 or 10x3 or even 10x2 it would have been a buy for me. Then you could program either a modified Planck, Gherkin or Butterstick layout and use it like a real keyboard. 10x3 would be my choice. A Gherkin with knobs sounds pretty sweet…
Jul 17, 2023
If this is anything like their "console" keyboard...highly recommend you avoid. 
Jul 18, 2023
Jul 18, 2023
baker1711He's done a review of the keyboard here: Some issues mentioned:
  • 2u left shift
  • 1u right shift
  • Joystick feels badd - sluggish and the cutout is too big, exposing the components inside
  • Joystick doesn't want to do diagonals

Jul 17, 2023
Please consider making a wireless version of this, it would make a fantastic HTPC controller
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