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Megalodon Hitbox Console Controller

Megalodon Hitbox Console Controller

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Product Description
If you’re in the market for a macro controller keypad, you know Megalodon is an absolute heavyweight in the space. And the Megalodon Hitbox Console Controller? Read More
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Will this be plug and play right out of the box or will there be hours of software update searching?
It is plug and play out of the box. I think there is software for it somewhere but not sure, the was no instructions in the box lol
Feb 4, 2024
Is this ps5 supported?
Mar 14, 2024
Since this mentions PC/Switch/PS3/PS4, it will almost certainly require something like a Brook converter for PS5. (Again, almost) every PS5 controller involves being officially Sony-licensed, and with the exception of one Mayflash and one "Mini" Hori controller, built in support comes in around the 150+ range. Edit: Discussion mentions this as GP2040-CE based, which confirms the above.
Mar 11, 2024
Does this support Xbox Series X|S? Can I reprogram using a Mac, or is it PC only?