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Moon Key Koi Pond Artisan Wrist Rest

Moon Key Koi Pond Artisan Wrist Rest

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Product Description
Koi are prized for their beautiful color patterns and lengthy lifespans—often exceeding 100 years of age. Whether you have a koi fish yourself or you appreciate their unique look and serene demeanor, this hand-painted wrist rest might be the perfect fit for your desktop Read More

Feb 17, 2021
beautiful pictures right there worth it ..
Feb 16, 2021
These are SO beautiful, pictures don't do it justice; I get lots of compliments on the one I ordered during the last drop. Fair warning, though: it warped ferociously over the course of several weeks after I received it. Not a little warping either; the whole thing's corkscrewed to the point that the ends are about 15° different rotationally. I have to imagine that the either the resin or the wood wasn't cured completely when I received it. On my full size keyboard one, one corner is fully 1/2" off my desk; I've shored it up with a stack of rubber feet I had lying around, but near my num pad it's much higher! Caveat emptor and all that, and probably not as much of a problem with the shorter ones.
Feb 17, 2021
Expo2kSo what I'm hearing is, if it's not already warped upon delivery, one should place it under a heavy, flat object for a few days before using?
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