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Product Description
Designed to look and behave like a pair of cult-favorite anime characters (Emilia the half-elf from and Betty from the forbidden library, both from the Re: Zero series), it’s safe to say that these two switches from bring tons of character with them. The EMT V2 is a silky smooth linear switch with an average 58 grams of required force and a decently long 3.7 millimeters of travel—perfect for middle-of-the-road typers Read More

Jul 14, 2023
theres a typo in the product description
Jul 13, 2023
Damn just missed the Betty restock.
Apr 23, 2023
The Betty switches made the spacebar pop (the auto thick-thunk-thock sound...) on one of my keyboards without upgrading the stabilizers. Lubed but generic stabilizers. I was choosing those at a time when there was multiple "clicky/loud" type switches amongst all the G-Square stuff. (White Samurai, etc.) If I was looking to buy a bunch of diferent types, I maybe would have. In any case, these worked out REALLY well for the keyboard they ended up being popped into. Very happy with these.
Feb 26, 2023
Just ordered these off KPRepublic. It cost less and will get here in a week 💀
Feb 23, 2023
I think with these switches having the led diffusers, it would be great to have a photo that shows that off, kudos if it's a comparison photo with normal switches
Dec 18, 2022
$40 / Moyu EMT V2 - 70 pcs = 0.571 USD per switch $52 / Moyu EMT V2 - 90 pcs = 0.577 USD per switch $64 / Moyu EMT V2 - 110 pcs = 0.581 USD per switch The pricing is... awkward
Feb 23, 2023
whatakeebSo I think it must be because they cant make a profit if its below some certain price per switch (as its the lowest known I'm going to guess 0.571) and they use only full dollar amounts and no change in their pricing that that is where I think some of the awkward pricing is coming from. Such as the 90 pcs set if they lower it even by a dollar it would end up being lower than the 0.571 minimum price to 0.566. But if they lower the price of the 110 set by a dollar it will still be above the 0.571 minimum at 0.572 above the minimum known price.
As far as I can tell, these are very similar to the Moondrop switches, but with slightly shorter travel. The Moondrops are spec'd at 3.8mm, while these are meant to be 3.5 - and while 0.3mm may sound like a negligible difference, I do think that's enough to distinguish these two sets of G-Square / Haimu switches. So - if you like shorter travel (or have reason to need a light diffuser), go with these - if you'd rather have less-short travel and aren't concerned with surface-mount lighting, go for the Moondrops.
Dec 17, 2022
DeadeyeDaveDo the moondrops have two-stage springs? If not, then the typing experience should be pretty different.
Dec 14, 2022
Betty switch making me sadddddd
Dec 13, 2022
These actually look sick
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