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Noppoo Choc Mini 2M Wireless Keyboard

Noppoo Choc Mini 2M Wireless Keyboard

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Product Description
When you compute as much as we do, you seek out a specialized system that gives you all the function you need without taking up too much precious desk space. Minimizing the traditional keyboard into a sleek package that supports wireless use, the Noppoo Choc Mini Keyboard gives you the size, range, and muscle necessary to complete your set-up Read More

Feb 11, 2018
Still wish there was something like this keyboard.
Jul 11, 2018
burgernestCheck this Drevo out. I got it after the Annie Pro I bought was intermittently giving me huge input delay randomly while in wireless mode. The Drevo has been great. Not quite the same form factor, but it's inexpensive so it might hold you over until your perfect keyboard rolls around.
Mar 23, 2017
The choc mini is my favorite keyboard. I had no idea this version existed until it was.. apparently discontinued or something. For the love of god bring this back. I would pay $200-ish for it, easily.
Mar 4, 2017
Any chance this will come back around?
Aug 7, 2015
I've spent the last month looking for a wireless mechanical backlit keyboard - not easy to find. Hope this comes back around - and definitely looking for suggestions if anyone has any.
Sep 1, 2015
SkylinedI got some bad news...
This one isn't backlit when in wireless and it seems a lot aren't. Probably because of the battery drain. I own this keyboard and am looking for one myself.
Jul 30, 2015
I would really like one of these with Cherry MX-Brown switches, non-backlit. Are these even made anymore? Noppoo's website and online presence is lacking, to say the least...
Apr 3, 2015
60% or less seems to be all the rage these days ,but unless you have something to prove, the Choc Mini is right in the Goldilocks Zone. I've got the 2M with Cherry MX Blues and red backlighting, and I think it is terrific. I'd love to see one drop with MX Greens and different backlighting options. Other than that, I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for something between 60% and regular TKL.
Mar 17, 2015
Hi, Just got mine, Hooray!!! MX-BLUE+RED led, Bought it in massdrop bazaar, ordered on 9/3/2015 got it a 16/3/2015 super fast (i am in israel, so a week is fast). Overall i think the build quality is BAD, i thought it was defective until i found it it has flimsy mini usb connector making it go on/off so i've replaced the the cable to a more rigid one and now it is working but i must be carful when i move it not to lose the spot. sometimes when i connect it, i get 3 blinks and i try again and again until it works
When it works,It works on all of my platforms(pc,mac and ubunto). NO manual at all, besides a small card with a serial number, for all the FN+F keys, need to look it over the net to find what is reset/key brightness and more... The wireless works ok although the receiver look like an old generation one(something from the 80's and not a more nano type receiver that i would expect in 2015) And NO backlight when in wireless mode WTF!!!
Over all, i give it 5/10 when it works it works, but if i lose the cable spot its a BRICK!.
Mar 15, 2015
I am just posting here to say so far I absolutely love this keyboard. As for the wireless range I've got a couple questions for those reporting awful range/latency
What interference might you have around the keyboard? As I was able to STEP OUTSIDE close my front door and still have the keyboard work perfectly fine. The computer was on the complete opposite side of my living room that the door is on. It also typed with no visible latency according to the person standing in the room at the same time. My house doesn't have thin walls either. So it's pretty great range all things considered.
Mar 12, 2015
Does anyone know where I can get one of these?
Mar 9, 2015
i just wanted to be clear on my order - mx reds with red leds - the list only says mx red - led (i am assuming this is red led right)
Mar 11, 2015
sethianoyes, it's red LED only.
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