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NYM96 Wooden Mechanical Keyboard Kit

NYM96 Wooden Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
The NYM96 Wooden Mechanical Keyboard Kit is a unique piece that looks and feels like few others. Its innovative and uncommon 96-key layout is the sweet spot between fullsize and tenkeyless keyboard configurations—a great choice for users that need arrow keys, a function row, and a numpad without the extras Read More

May 22, 2020
Just received my keyboard and I can't get it to register any keystrokes. I tried with two different cables, tried opening up QMK Toolbox, tried resetting via button on the back, nothing. Is this a Windows only keyboard?
Jan 10, 2020
Dear Drop, Can you guarantee a pre built keyboard without switches would not have a ISO enter key as I have read some do? I want to buy prebuilt without switches and keycaps but worried about that happening with the enter key?
Jan 9, 2020
How do I know that the wood is properly cured and sealed? Can you guarantee that? I don't want to have a warped case one year later.
Jan 7, 2020
Just a question here for the Sellers; Since this is a "Beechwood" made keyboard casing, has it been already sealed or is the wood unfinished and raw? If it's 'unfinished' then it would have to be the buyer that seals this wood with either a stain, lacquer or oil finish. Please let us know soon. You need to clearly specific in the sale contract here, whether this item comes completely finished or needs to be sealed by the buyer.
ElrickHi,Sir: it been already sealed, only The transparent paint be used.
Jan 7, 2020
It can be configured as ISO, right? Oh God, I hope not. XD
Jan 7, 2020
Someone please convince me that I don't need to get this wooden version of the NYM96 since I already have the aluminum one.
Jan 8, 2020
crispernakiHow much does an aluminum case cost? Noticed the PCB for this is quite cheap elsewhere but I like the wood look here...
Jan 10, 2020
Nickb864I got the NYM96 with aluminum case here, so it was pretty much the same price. The configuration I got was $159.
why/how is this MORE expensive than anywhere else online?
Jan 8, 2020
mdotThe added cost of a company that makes money off group buys. Sometimes it allows for unique configurations, but most of the time it's nothing special and any discount afforded for mass purchases is lost when Drop assesses their charge for organizing the buy in the first place. It invalidates the point of participating in group buys and apparently throws a wrench in the works since they're a vendor that must handle any issues with product quality or shipping, which is a common occurrence in any product's discussion page. There's also an issue of providing thorough information for products, often essential points that can make or break a sale; often forcing community members to do research for others and too easily opening the door for potential misinformation. So how does Drop and other companies like it stay in business? Customer loyalty and/or lack of persistence in shopping around, most likely. I'm definitely glad for how they've been a great source of education on the existence of interesting products, but that's about it, unfortunately.
Dec 9, 2019
One of the earliest pre-orders on this item and my shipment got cancelled due to the item getting back-ordered... Cool, thanks. This happen to anybody else?
Sep 25, 2019
The Kailh Box Blue switches, is it pale blue or navy? Does anyone know about this?
Sep 24, 2019
Any reason to get this from drop or possibly quicker and cheaper from aliexpress?
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