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NZ Caps Bronze Space Exploration Encoder Dial

NZ Caps Bronze Space Exploration Encoder Dial

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Product Description
Cast in solid bronze, the NZ Caps Bronze Space Exploration Dial delivers impressive style, detail, and shine to your keyboard. On the top, you’ll see a moondust footprint harkening back to the Apollo missions—and on the sides you’ll find intricately imprinted nods to space exploration including a lunar lande and a whole solar system of planets Read More

Jun 6, 2022
Stickied here is a little behind the scenes of how these dials are hand finished!
Dec 30, 2022
nz_capsAny way to still purchase this? I am doing a full space build and this was the final piece. Went to order and it was out.
Dec 30, 2022
You have got to be kidding me I go to order it and it's sold through. I really hope this comes back.
not to take away from this product, but if you were unaware a lot of "guitar knobs" or "volume knobs" made for music related things (guitars, amps, etc) fit the stems on keyboards too. and that opens up wayyyy more options, usually at a significantly lower price too. amazon, etsy, ebay all have lots to pick from. just have to make sure the knob isnt too wide and is for the same diameter stem on your kb, i think 6mm is pretty standard, at least thats what fits on my gmmk pro.
May 24, 2022
Ah geez… this’ll go nicely with my GMK Godspeed… *sigh* ordered.
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