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Originative Leather Desk Mat

Originative Leather Desk Mat

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Product Description
Add a touch of elegance to your desktop with this leather desk pad. Measuring 2 feet long and a foot and a half wide, it’s large enough to accommodate a full-size keyboard and monitor while offering plenty of space for a mouse Read More

Nice piece of leather. Judging by the price, what animal does it come from? Unicorn? Woolly Mammoth? I'll go buy a desk instead.
Nov 17, 2015
Looks nice. But it's out of a different time. For a different purpose. Not even commenting on the price, as i have no idea what a good leather pad like this should run. It seems horribly out of place in the mechanical keyboards category.
I also keep seeing concerns about how well a mouse will work on it but no reassuring answers. If it worked well with mice, and if the shape was more conducive to a mouse and keyboard next to each other (more long and rectangular). If all those things, I might be interested. I just can't imagine a mouse glides well, and it's very much the wrong shape/size to replace my desk/mouse pad.
I do like seeing new items like this, and it's interesting and sometimes I see useful things. But sometimes they are a miss.
Hello everyone,
We truly are sorry for how everyone feels about the pricing. Although it's just a big piece of leather, it's still a real high quality piece of leather.
We believe this product goes well in every environment, but we believe it's a really nice addition in your work space. Originative wants to make your desk space aesthetically pleasing.
And I just would like to differentiate A and B grade leather. The B grade just means there are scars, and it could be from fencing, bug bites, etc. The A grade is a cut that has less markings. For a piece of leather this big, it's really hard to find an A grade cut.
Nov 13, 2015
SheratonI've paid more for a watch strap. People with bitch about anything.
Nov 11, 2015
A gorgeous product. A vile price.
Nov 11, 2015
Definitely not big enough for a full sized keyboard AND mouse.
Nov 11, 2015
KyleLOh, it's big enough, but you certainly won't be moving your mouse a lot
Nov 10, 2015
Disregarding my smartass comment from earlier, I actually think the mat looks really nice, but the size is ridiculous. I'd pay for high quality leather...but perhaps in a smaller form factor (like mousepad sized). I don't doubt that the leather is high quality, but its enormous size really puts a strain on its uses
Nov 9, 2015
Ya I can buy a quarter hide for a few bucks, I think I'll pass on this one.
Nov 8, 2015
All these people who don't know how much leather costs...
Nov 8, 2015
khatfieldI feel like the price isn't that over the top, but the dimensions are kind of ridiculous, desktop mousemats are supposed to be rectangular, like the razer goliathus extended for example, I'm fairly sure other people agree that a square mat is more or less pointless, unless you have your keyboard on the far back of your desk to utilize the space, nobody would put a monitor on this, because for what reason would they? A desk is just fine and your monitor stand won't scratch it either.
To add to my claim, this desk mat has its long side listed as 24", a fullsize board is usually around 18" (~19.5" if you have a Model M), add around 2.5" for your mouse and you have a space of 3.5" for mouse movement, that is if you place your keyboard on the very far side of the desk mat.
So yeah, for me it's the ridiculously silly dimensions that ruins it rather than the price
Nov 8, 2015
khatfieldIt's 135 for "B Grade" leather.... For 135 you can get a #1 Horween shell and cut one up yourself, and no don't talk about labour costs, there's *no* workmanship in this basic pad (you need to pay extra 85 for the padding and sewing)
Nov 8, 2015
This better be made of Unicorn leather.
Hey guys, I know this seems like it is out of left field. I received a sample of this product and the leather is of really high quality (as full grain leather products should be). I imagine with the quality it could be something interesting for those that do like leather products. Finally the pricing for this leather mat is pretty in-line with products of the same quality.
Also, the keyboard in the picture is a Varmilo VB87M in the aluminum case and DSA Dolch keycap set.
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