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Aug 4, 2014
Hi Folks, my name is Tyll Hertsens and I'm the editor at I've heard this software and it does do a good job, even on low cost (though good, like the Porta-Pro) headphones. One of the reasons it works so nicely is that also recorded in the process is the localizing cues heard in stereo systems but not in headphones. Generally speaking, it gives a better sense of space (though, for me, it doesn't truly get out of my head very far), and it will often reduce listening fatigue, especially on old jazz and rock records with instruments panned hard left and right.
I feel Darin Fong's approach is a legitimate way to implement virtualized speakers. It has the limitation of having to be made with measurement microphone in real ears in front of an actual stereo (or surround) system, so it can't just synthesize various factors ( like room reverberance, first reflections). On the other hand, it has the advantage of being somewhat organic sounding (not artificial) because it's performance is established with real gear.
While I wouldn't advocate this system as the best approach for all enthusiastic headphone listeners, I do think it's legitimate and pleasurable, and have no problem recommending it to people interested in the various ways to improve audio imaging on headphones. What I heard was pretty darned good compared to the many similar systems I've experienced.
Nope, not snake oil.
Aug 4, 2014
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