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Great quality cable.
Cable is a little on the heavy, inflexible side. The y-split is bulkier than I would like. The cable/jacks are great. The Sennheiser plugs are on the larger side making them harder to plug into the cups. You have to really push hard to get them to make a good connection. But I'm very impressed with the overall build. I wish they offered a longer cable here on Drop. 5ft was the only available size.
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Apr 15, 2021
RelaxinYou can email them to have custom lengths built for you. I had them make a 15' cable to reach my preferred spot to lie down and listen at night and it was a simple markup for the additional length that they sent me as a separate PayPal payment request - took 10 minutes total to get it done. Very happy with the results. I have not had any issues with microphonics, and as much as I wanted to believe there wouldn't be a noticeable difference in sound over the OEM cable or the cheap aftermarket Amazon-bought cable I initially replaced it with, the sound quality improved dramatically with the Periapt cable.
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