Sanctuary DCS Keyset

Sanctuary DCS Keyset

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You already eat, sleep, and breathe Diablo. Now, you can keep your fingers on the hack-and-slash with these Sanctuary keycaps Read More
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You already eat, sleep, and breathe Diablo. Now, you can keep your fingers on the hack-and-slash with these Sanctuary keycaps. Born from a collaborative effort among the online keyboarding communities, Sanctuary was designed by gaming enthusiasts, particularly Geekhack user Hazeluff, to pay tribute to a classic and celebrate the release of a new chapter. These black and red keycaps come in doubleshot ABS with Signature Plastics DCS profile, and they're adorned with the Exocet typeface used in the Diablo series.

Note: The base kit is an 87-key made for ANSI tenkeyless, or “TKL,” keyboards. But it also includes a modified numbers row as well as extra keys for Winkeyless setups and additional keys.

Optional key packs, including a set for gamers, will be available on this drop.

To avoid errors/confusion with the current checkout system, we will be changing the drop points manually for this drop. We are paying attention to the number of child deals being bought as well. If they reach certain quantities, we will adjust their prices accordingly. You may notice fluctuations in your checkout price as we make these adjustments on the back end, but you will not be charged more for anything.

Sanctuary DCS Keyset
Sanctuary DCS Keyset
Sanctuary DCS Keyset

Base Kit

The base kit was designed to cover a standard 60% or TKL keyboard. It also ships with a modified extra number row as well as options for Winkeyless keyboards. In addition, some extra keys are in the kit to allow more versatility for the user.

Sanctuary DCS Keyset

Numpad Keyset ($31.99)

If you haven't conformed to using a keyboard with a smaller layout and want to complete your full-­size keyboard or standalone numpad, this is a must-have set. This set is also compatible with 1800 and Lightsaver-type keyboards.

The numpad keyset also ships with extra keys in red for more customization options.

Sanctuary DCS Keyset

ISO Keyset ($15.99)

This set will fit keyboards with an ISO setup

Note: The ISO Keyset will ship with the black keys only. The white keys displayed below are for layout display purposes.

Sanctuary DCS Keyset

Gamer Kit ($5.99)

Bring this kit with you to wage war on your enemies.

Sanctuary DCS Keyset


  • Signature Plastics
  • ABS doubleshot
  • Custom legends
  • Window keys and custom legends designed by Hazeluff
  • DCS profile


Estimated ship date is Dec 18, 2015 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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