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Mar 5, 2015
Just got mine, the quality is fantastic. They are so tiny compared to the zoomed in shots. The cable seems of good quality and the fit finish on the iems is great. I love the clear one, glad i got it. I've only listened to them for an hour and will continue to keep using them for the next few weeks to get a feel for the sound. But right off the bat I wasn't that impressed with the bass (compared to my primary setup). It is not the IEMs fault, I've been using my HE-500 for almost an entire year exclusively, I sold my akg Q701 over a year ago so the HE-500 is only decent headphone I have. I was not listening to music on the go unless it was in my car. My problem is the he-500, I love them so much and I'm so used to them that I only find faults on the se535. But it has only been an hour and when it comes to instrumental tracks, I really dig it. The isolation is great and I can go into a dream like meditative state. Comparing IEMs to full sized open headphones is unfair but I feel I have been spoiled by my he-500s. For that reason I will stop using them for the next few weeks an exclusively use these se535 to get a proper feel. However I've owned a few low end 120 and sub 100 IEMs. I've owned shure e2c, some dunu tridents, and some ttpods. They sound better than any IEM i've used before. But I bought the wrong size tips, I bought some comply ones and they are so big my ears hurt >.<
Edit: On second hour I realized it isn't the bass I have an issue with. These IEMs are more neutral compared to my HE-500s (which are fairly warm in comparison). I believe thats the difference I was noticing not to mention the HE-500 has such a smooth sound.
Edit 2: Yea, I'm noticing detail I hadn't noticed on my he-500 on certain tracks. Seems easier to identify sounds/instruments with the se535 but still the preferable/more pleasurable sound is on he-500. But as I go through my headphone test music play list... I'm starting to like these more and more.
Edit 3: Yea I'm diggin these IEMs. The sound is much more focused and intimate. I do prefer this when I commute especially on the subway. However If I'm at home I do prefer the more open and live like sound from my primary setup.
I listend to Moonglow by Quincy Jones, on my he-500 sounds like im there listening to it live in a concert hall. But on my SE535 sounds like im there in a recording studio. I can't explain it, i'm no audiophile but i appreciate quality. I also listened to Body And Soul with tony bennett and Amy Winehouse. Sounds so clean... But my he-500 just makes female vocals sound OUT of this world. These IEMs are great, I'm diggin it the longer i listen to them. Next on the list was Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra. All FLAC. Fantastic. I love both of these headphones... THey offer different experiences but both quality sound.
Edit 4: It's been 4 days straight where im using the small foam tips provided by shure. I just got my comply slim P series tips last night. I've been using them for 4 hours now. Maybe it is in my head... But the sound is far more desirable with these Comply Tips. The bass is more relaxed and smooth (not in your face with stock tips) and the treble is better. Overall far more pleasurable smoother sound. I love it.
Mar 5, 2015
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