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May 24, 2017
These audiophile/professional audio reference monitors, are extraordinary.
I've worked for 37 years in audio productions, 32 years both at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada, plus 5 more years for ABC Radio and other major city private radio broadcasters/networks. Also, worked in some of the best of the best recording studios in North America. All that said, to say Sierra-2 Reference Monitor Speakers, are second to none, they are very special.
Years of research have produced by fine engineering the combination of RAAL tweeter & Seas driver, supported by the very best quality crossover electronics, within a pure bamboo cabinet which is drop dead gorgeous plus so important, rock solid. All these factors allow for a clarity in sound details, harmonics, octaves, producing a truth in music or musicality that is just stunning.
As bookshelves come and go in my decades of audio recording, mixing and mastering, then sitting at home as an audiophile, I have heard pretty much everything in loudspeakers, priced from a few hundred dollars to much more than a hundred thousand dollars. This is a lifetime ongoing audio adventure/quest.
Anything quality manufactured is pricey when compared to ordinary quality. Quality audio is expensive, derived from extensive engineering research add the engineers accumulated months even years of research or paid time, then high-end materials for parts, plus parts manufacturing, add a factory, employees. These factors are individually very expensive, then add up the cost. Consequently audiophile/professional speakers costs far more than others.
Audiophile/professional grade, expect to pay more.
Nonetheless, many manufacturers loudspeakers are ridiculously overpriced, seriously. This is not the case with Ascend Acoustics products, or the Sierra-2 loudspeakers, on Massdrop it is the real-deal, at the best possible price.
Sierra-2 Loudspeaker Reference Monitors, that quality, if it were offered just like other manufacturers with distribution to several national warehouses, to some international warehouses, then from the warehouses shipped to middleman distributors, then shipped to retail stores, now add another profit margin. Add all of the profit margins, then the price would be anywhere between 3,000 to 6,000 per pair for Sierra-2 Reference Monitors, due to that style of manufacturing/distribution/marketing/advertising.
Ascend Acoustics, the creators of Sierra-2, manufactures then sells factory-direct to the client or to a Massdrop. The savings are an amazing financial opportunity, of course still a lot of money for most 9 to 5 persons so to speak, but consider these loudspeakers an investment in quality, for the long-run, for the real deal.
If you can afford to do so, now is the time to upgrade.
May 24, 2017
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