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SUN Forest Owl Resin Artisan Keycap

SUN Forest Owl Resin Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
When we say SUN’s latest artisan keycap is a wise choice, we’re not just winging it. We’re abiding by symbolism and substance—both of which are showcased in this particular avian-inspired accessory Read More

Jan 20, 2022
I really wanted this thing. Too bad it was cancelled. My position, individually, on special "keycaps" are that I want some articulation to it so that my fingers can "feel it" as it is a different shape when I move said fingers over said keycap. This is just a value added statement (from my end). I think plenty of the keycaps are beautiful. It is difficult to "thematically map" out "keyboard builds" albeit I am trying to make the point that if I had more money for this stuff, then the money goes in and the "designs" come out. Mostly, on a given keyboard, I am looking for a replacement for the ESC key, seeing as that would be where my pinkie finger is reaching. (Let's say.) Depending on the "job" of the keyboard, this means that I am not making this statement to disavow all the beautiful keycaps that are "flat" on the top with the same general articulation as a regular keycap. I'm trying to say that I really wanted this one. (Order got cancelled. Think sales missed by 5 buyers or something (etc.). Other, if one is still reading, ideas that I have had would be (say) buying the Gameboy keycap or the "computer monitor" keycap to shove in the "Print Screen" spot or something. The "big skull" ones for a delete key, for instance. I am more open to a larger variety of design for (say) the "Enter/Return" key. Open on some. More closed on others.
Jan 3, 2022
It's like the eyes are full of light?
Jan 4, 2022
NextBoxDoesn't look like that, if you zoom in enough you will see there is painting on the eyes as well. Still looks cool.
Jan 5, 2022
DaeronicusEyes are really transparent, and the owl is looking at you from any Angle. Cool
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