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Oct 31, 2015
Like another contributor, I got these on the last drop to replace an Altec Lansing 2.1 system I've been using for about 7 years which was really quite good top to bottom. But since I purchased a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10, thought I'd replace everything. No regrets. This system is smooth in every way and full range. Of course, you're not going to get truly deep bass from a 5 inch woofer but there's more than ample bass to go around. I have the discrete bass volume control at the halfway position and that's plenty. Highs and mids are balanced and just really good. The only strange thing that I noticed was that when I first plugged it all into the computer, it seems like some music selections were producing a slight low level breakup from the mid range speakers. I lowered the system volume and it left. After a few minutes of play, I turned the volume back up and whatever it was, it was gone. Perhaps the mid range speakers needed to settle for a moment. Whatever the case, I like this system a lot.
Oct 31, 2015
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