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Terra Keycaps Antique Brass-Plated Artisan Keycaps

Terra Keycaps Antique Brass-Plated Artisan Keycaps

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Product Description
Terra Keycaps is a Mech Keys designer known for delivering impressively intricate (and eye-catchingly finished) artisan keycaps. These Antique Brass Plated keycaps further that reputation by channeling both beautiful geometric patterns and the classic stamped-brass style of a time long past Read More

Oct 18, 2023
For $99, I'd expect a solid brass product rather than a plated one. Given that brass costs approximately $5 per pound, I estimate that there's probably around 300g of high-quality brass in the item, which should amount to roughly $10 worth of material. Additionally, factoring in shipping costs and manufacturing, let's set aside $30 for that purpose. This totals around $40-$50, but considering it's a "drop" product, we might want to account for an extra $30 for that unique drop experience.
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