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Varmilo VA68M V2 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo VA68M V2 Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

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The latest version of the popular Varmilo VA68M, this iteration is now made with 100-percent aluminum with no chipped paint thanks to the anodization process. It also has a removable, detachable USB cable if you need to take it on the go Read More

Feb 19, 2023
Sorry for waking up an old thread, but I didn't end up using my keyboard for a while as I preferred some other options at the time but I paired down and found this in its box and started using it only to discover it does not wake back up when my computer wakes up from sleep. I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work again. I figured it was a firmware glitch and went to Varmilo's website to search for firmware but they do not acknowledge the existence of this keyboard anywhere and the serial number doesn't show up in their data base so I have no idea which firmware might work for mine and I'm hesitant to go trying them. Has anyone heard of this problem, and/or do you know what version of firmware might work on this?
Apr 3, 2019
Hi there, I have this board w/ MXX Blacks but have been experienccing key chatter when using it, increasingly so in recent months. My Z,X,C,A,S,DD,R,T Keys all double tap 10% of the ttime for no reason. I've taken it apart and cleaned it but am not sure what else I can do without ddesoldering and finding new switches... I was wondering if aanyone else has this issue and if they had a solution? I intenttionally left the chatters in my typing to demonstrate how annoying it can be.
Apr 4, 2018
Can anyone from the last drop share some thoughts about this board? I am patiently awaiting start of next drop, and would like to hear what current owners think about this board, and how it compares to other mid-range boards in this price range.
Jan 18, 2018
Hey! Just got the keyboard and I'm trying to get it to work with my Mac.
I got the Ctrl and Command working fine (both left and right), but for some reason the left Alt key is not registering. I'm assuming it's the Fn key but how can I get this out of my way and use the Alt key (ideally move it to the right side of the keyboard where it's actually saying Fn).
From the left : Ctrl - ok Alt - not ok Cmd - ok spacebar - ok Cmd - ok Alt - ok Ctrl - ok
What is the magic trick I need to do with this sweet Varmilo keyboard to get it to work as expected?
Jan 18, 2018
vallieresAlso, while I have you keyboard geeks around, how can I do a reset on the Varmilo keyboard? Like get it back to factory settings?
Nov 25, 2017
any volume/media keys?
Nov 22, 2017
Does anyone have this keyboard? Would Ctrl-Shift-Home work well on this, or is it impossible to trigger like on the Magiforce 68?
Nov 19, 2017
They have it for the same price on mechanical keyboards dot com. Free shipping within the US. And you'll get it quicker than massdrama...
May I ask how much does it take for a massdrop package to be delivered to the customer in Greece? In Romania it can take anything between a few weeks to a month and a half because the package has to go through customs twice - once in the US and once in my country and it also may spend a few days for sure in the European sorting hubs of DHL.
Nov 22, 2017
PulicadelavranceaThe order that I placed took just over a month. I haven't ordered anything else off massdrop to give you a more accurate value.
Nov 19, 2017
This board looks really good.
Pictures are kind of weird, though. There's something about the way the keys are spaced vs the view of the inner plate on certain parts of the board, that makes the board look warped or curved in the photos.
It's an optical illusion, but strange. I thought the board may have had some sort of ergonomic curve in it, but I think it's the way certain keys look bunch together and partially block the view of the white inner plate that makes it look wavy or curved.
Interesting. Does it look that way in real life?
Nov 19, 2017
Any pictures of what it looks like with the White LEDs? Might sell my Poker II for this one.
Nov 19, 2017
This is a great buy when it comes to quality keyboard's the are currently made and sold.
Bad news for myself, NO Green MX keys or even Clear MX's, hence no participation from me this time around.
BUT in the future, when or if MassDrop and Varmilo run another VA68M V2 Group Buy involving Greens and/or Clears, then expect an order from Convict Town to come in for them.
The people already in this Group Buy enjoy what you shall receive, overall a high quality keyboard that will indeed be used by you lot, for a very long time.
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