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Varmilo VA68M Mechanical Keyboard

Varmilo VA68M Mechanical Keyboard

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A compact keyboard with a solid aluminum case, Varmilo’s VA68 has a lot in common with the Leopold FC660M. But with the addition of two keys—Page Up and Page Down—plus a standard bottom row, the VA68 has an edge Read More

Aug 30, 2021
Does anyone know if the VA68 has inbuild shortcuts for volume up and down. On my Vortex it is Function keys 2+3, but that doesn't work here. Thanks
Aug 16, 2020
Have this model MY68NC1N/PP88V-8 can't seem to get the escape key to stop typing an apostrophe, can anyone recommend a solution?
Feb 25, 2020
anyone knows how to use ctrl+a function. I am using it on a Mac. It seems that the ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v does not work on this keyboard. I got a VD87M. Thanks for your help in advance.
Mar 30, 2020
sdreamUse the windows key instead of ctrl.
Aug 3, 2019
does anyone know how much time it takes after we put a request in particular mechanical keyboard.?
Aug 2, 2019
there is a price difference on this website & here u can customize switch caps and base also.!->
Nov 3, 2017
Bought a VA68M from Massdrop about a year ago-- with Cherry MX Browns.
Just want to point out that I've been having increasing keychatter issues, same as several others on this board (where you press aaaa key aand you get a double press or more). It started off as just my 's' key, but it's slowly spread to 'a' and 'h' over the last few months. At first I thought it was my keycaps, but I've switched those out a few times. I've tried taking it apart and cleaning out the case, thinking maybe something was off with the soldering or maybe I'd gotten something stuck in there. No such luck, it looks fine under just a visual inspection, I think it must be something wrong with the PCB or maybe the switches themselves.
Pretty sad about this, I really loved this keyboard until the keychatter thing cropped up.
Aug 6, 2018
SarahMSame here, but I didn't get the Cherry keys, I got the Gateron browns. I'm going to try a bit of contact cleaner in the switch.
Oct 5, 2017
Just got the keyboard. Love it. This below un-documented function took me a hour:
To switch left Ctrl and left Win, hold Fn + left Alt for 3 seconds until backlight flashes 3 times.
Nov 30, 2017
zhigangYou've saved me! Somehow I must have triggered this undocumented key combo and was driving myself crazy trying to hunt down a fix. I love this keyboard so much and I was very worried. Massive thanks for figuring this out and taking the initiative to post your finding!
Jan 17, 2018
zhigangThis is absolute gold. it was literally driving me crazy and there's little to no documentation on how to fix that or just go to factory default settings.
Sep 8, 2017
Anyone figure out if the key chatter was due to the switches or the PCB? I want to try to fix my board but I don’t want to buy a ton of switches and not have it work.
Varmilo told me it was MassDrops problem and MassDrop told me too bad. With these things being almost the same price as amazon with long shipping and no warranty I don’t know why I would purchase here again...
Nov 3, 2017
DrakorexAlso having keychatter issues, with Cherry MX Browns. Seems like it might be the PCB and not the switches, since there's enough comments I've seen with different switches. Just a guess though. Super bummed about this.
Oct 13, 2019
DrakorexIncase anyone is curious, I hand wired the keyboard with a teensy and it works fine. Also, there are a couple compatible PCBs out there you can replace it with.
Aug 11, 2017
Last night, I pressed some combination of buttons that swapped my L_CTRL and L_WIN keys. Has anyone encountered this before? I checked the manual ( and it doesn't have this function. What do I do?
Aug 11, 2017
Ye11owI spent 2 days working on this, made this post, and figured it out 5 minutes later. Fuck.
Future people: Hold Fn + L_ALT for 3 seconds. Board will flash. This is completely undocumented.
sick keeb tho
Jun 26, 2017
So... Did anyone else get a board without the little window on the "Page Up" key? Is this a factory omission? I can see why it would be very useful (for seeing if the number keys are set for number or function key operation). Does my board just have the wrong key or did everyone else get boards like mine with the missing window on the page up key?
Jun 28, 2017
PowerGuyThe keyboard I received is DOA *and* it's missing the window on the "Page Up" key.
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