VE.A Custom Keyboard Kit
VE.A Custom Keyboard Kit
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Product Description
Anything you do for significant periods of time is worth doing ergonomically. The VE.A is designed with that idea in mind Read More
Split 75% Board With LEDs

Anything you do for significant periods of time is worth doing ergonomically. The VE.A is designed with that idea in mind. Capable of being used as a one-piece unit or a split two-piece board, this 75% keyboard adapts to your specific usage. And because it comes with macro keys on the left side of the board, RGB LEDs that glow from within, and a highly customizable PCB, this Korean-made keyboard is not just ergonomic but also fully functional.

Note: At checkout, you'll have your selection of anodized CNC aluminum color (Black, Dark Gray, Silver) and STS plate finish in Bare Metal or Titanium Coated Black (+ $10). You'll also be able to add keycaps (+ $20), switches (Cherry MX, Gateron, or Zealios) and stabilizers, tenting kit (+ $45), and additional parts at checkout.

Case Design

The precision-made anodized aluminum case features a unique puzzle-piece design with a polycarbonate frame between the plates, allowing a diffuse LED display to shine through. And when the two pieces are conjoined with the SATA cable, the aluminum parts won’t touch, so as not to ruin the anodization. For a slightly firm typing experience, the board is equipped with a 1.5T STS switch mounting plate.

Customizable PCB

The Vergo type.T-II PCB is compatible with Alps SKCx(SKCM & SKCL) and Cherry MX switches, though the ALPS switch mounting plate is not included in this drop due to compatibility issues with universal switch plates. The bottom layout is customizable and BootMapperClient allows you to program a number of features, including the RGB LED, in-switch LED, 12 quick macros, 12 custom macros, and more.

Anodized CNC Aluminum Case Color Options
Dark Gray
  • RGB LED can be controlled by key input and BootMapperClient
  • In-switch LED can be controlled by key input and BootMapperClient
  • Reprogrammable 4-layer layout
  • 12 quick macro recorded on the fly
  • 12 custom macro editable with BootMapperClient
  • Alt/Windows (GUI) quick swap on the fly
  • On-the-fly Windows key lock (disable)
  • Dual Action key (one key acting two function as normal/modifier)
  • Shift + Esc to ~
  • Oddforge
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Vergo type T-II PCB
  • Split/connected with SATA cable
  • MX style compatiable
  • 1.5mm STS switch plate
  • Customizable bottom layout
  • 18 RGB mood LED
  • Full in-switch LED
  • Windows / Mac Compatible
Base Kit Includes
  • Anodized CNC aluminum case (top / bottom)
  • CNC poly-carbonate frame
  • Steel switch plate
  • Screws
  • Bump-on feet
  • Vergo type.T-II PCB
  • VE.A marking plates
  • SATA cable
  • Mini USB cable
Add-on options
  • 97 switches (Cherry MX, Gateron, or Zealios) and a set of 8 stabilizers (Cherry, PCB Mounted)
  • Gray Cherry profile keycaps (blank or laser etched)
  • White OEM profile keycaps (blank or laser etched)
  • Tenting stand
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