XD75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit
XD75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit
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Product Description
Mechanical keyboard kits offer loads of customizability and make for fun side projects. This one is a standout in more ways than one Read More
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Full Grid Ortholinear Keyboard With RGB Underglow

Mechanical keyboard kits offer loads of customizability and make for fun side projects. This one is a standout in more ways than one. To start, the case is crafted from stainless steel with a thick acrylic layer that rests on the bottom. The keyboard’s built-in feet raise it off the desk, which allows the RGB underglow to really shine. It’s also done in a 15x5 full grid Ortholinear layout, a nice compromise between a full-size and something more compact. This DIY kit includes a case, plate, PCB, screws, and a USB cable, but you can customize it even further along the way. Choose from a wide range of switches at checkout so you can get just the feel you like. You’ll also have a wide selection of keycaps if you like.

Note: This drop does not include keycaps. The pictures on this page reflect from two different keycap sets; see below for layout ideas/details. At checkout, you’ll have the option to add a set of 80 Cherry MX (+ $30) or Gateron switches (+ $15). This drop is set to launch on Monday, 8/14 @ 6:00 am PST. 

Component Details
Supported layouts
  • XIUDI (XD)
  • 75 keys
  • 15 x 5 full-grid Ortholinear
  • 1u keys
  • Hot-swappable switch inserts
  • Supports 3 mm 2-pin LED hot-swappable base
  • Compatible with KLE custom key
  • Supports TKG-TOOLS offline brush machine and TKG online brush machine
  • Standard ICSP interface
  • Compatible with most of GH60 shells
  • REVB and REVQE compatible expansion port
  • Underglow RGB PCB (supports LED installations for further customization)
  • Dimensions (fully assembled): 11.6 x 4.4 x 1.5 in (29.5 x 11.2 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight (fully assembled): 22.7 oz (644 g)
  • QMK firmware link by fabiant7t
  • Flash
  • More supported layouts here
  • PCB
  • Plate/case
  • Acrylic panel
  • PC/Panel screws

Optional switches

  • 80pcs

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Estimated ship date is Mar 5, 2018 PT.

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