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Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Hall sensor, for which this innovative keyboard is named, was popular in keyboards of the 1970s and ‘80s thanks to its reliability. Frequently used in nuclear reactors, missile silos, and aircraft cockpits, the sensor steadily became less popular due to high cost of production Read More

Aug 9, 2023
Finally my XMIT had a failure; the micro usb failed internally from wear. Any one know the exact usb jack part number?

Apr 15, 2021
Hey guys, is it possible to make a ‘left handed’ keyboard like this one?
It has also a German layout with some extra keys near the left shift and near the right (main) enter key. The enter key on the number pad is also at very left.
Nov 11, 2019
drop just sent me an email to review this and i wanna reiterate what a piece of shit this is. it's just a rebranded version of an existing keyboard, the switches are scratchy, it's ultimately pretty useless. spend your money on something else if this runs again. seriously, these novel switches are not worth it, you can get this for cheaper on aliexpress. kbai!
Mar 9, 2019
I got one of these off the second-hand market and absolutely love the clicky switches. I was thinking of putting together a new board and was hoping to find something close to the feel of this. Of course, they won't be hall effect switches, but can anyone suggest anything similar? Should I be looking for something like blue alps?
Mar 8, 2019
I've had mine for about 2 years now and the wood started to warp and the screws on the back started to pop from the pressure. Im trying now to straighten the warped pieces and glue the together but its a 50/50 chance it'll work. Other than that never had issues with the switches or the LEDs, but keep in mind build quality on the wooden version is not very good at least mine isn't. I like how you can remove some of the wooden construction to make it stay flat on the desk and the LED mode settings are very cool you have a wide array of options there. Switches are acceptable not very clicky but satisfying none the less would prefer cherry's but they are not available, or they weren't 2 years ago. If anyone asked me I wouldn't recommend the wooden version. Hope I helped.
Feb 23, 2019

@XMIT i want buy a new switch for my Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard ....where i can buy it ?
Feb 4, 2019
can we replace the keycaps?
Sep 21, 2018
Received mine on march and this is already broken.... Also when I got this keyboard I've noticed that the keyboard wasn't even leveled so I had to put some padding on the lower right side of the feet so they wont shake each time I press on a key. Very disappointed in the quality of the board I was expecting a lot fore than this considering I payed over 170 including the arm rest. I didn't even use this harshly, especially since I didn't pay games for about half a year after I got the keyboard. I'm back to my old keyboard which i bought in 2012 and still working fine. I guess in terms of durability Cherrys are far superior.
Aug 18, 2018
Are any of these boards programmable? I'd want the 60%, ideally with the layout of a Poker 3.
Jul 11, 2018
hey all, i am selling this, with these gradient caps (, here is the reddit post i made, feel free to message me there or on here :) we can work something out maybe!
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