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Nov 10, 2019
This DAC/AMP gets my highest recommendation. I have the first version and it sounds exceptional for the price. The aluminum enclosure is very carefully CMC'd, volume knob feels high quality and there is barely any tracking problems at low volume. I heard this updated model not long ago at a friend's house. Playing the same song, the updated model is clearly more dynamic and lively than the first gen. It murders the Modi 3 Magni 3 combo, and is clearly a step up from Geshelli dac+amp combo. It doesn't deliver as much power as those, but the sound is much more fluid/organic. That plus the sleek design makes it a winner in my book. If I have to nitpick I'd say the top panel isn't as attractive as the first gen just because the first gen has that elegant curve, but for the manufacturer it probably helps simplify things.
Nov 10, 2019
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