Oct 8, 2018238 views

How accurate are estimates of shipping date?

Just in general. Does it vary significantly just based on chance or is it usually consistent? I live on the East Coast of the US and ordered thinksound on2 headphones.
gorian2222 and josecramirez

Bought a lot of different stuff on here, as @erickong mentioned the the "daily drops/in stock" items are super accurate. I've also had pretty good luck with shipping on or before the ship date in general. Where you tend to run in to trouble is the collaboration items, they could ship early, late or in some cases REALLY late. I've also had one small drop cancelled as the seller ended up not being able to deliver on time, massdrop refunded my money and gave me a credit on my next purchase.
For products that have already been manufactured and just need to be shipped. The estimate is very accurate
Thanks fam