Logistics Updates: New Delivery Methods

There’s some new changes coming to Logistics regarding how both packages and updates will be delivered to you.
We are going to post this in Audiophile for now as it’s the largest community on the site, but we have a new section coming for general topics and site updates where everyone can provide meaningful feedback. This post will also be linked from every drop in every community for awhile so don’t be confused if anyone mentions something in this thread other than headphones.

Package Delivery
Over the past year, the most common feedback (see complaint) related to logistics has been centered around the use of DHL for US shipments. There have been polls, posts, threads and discussions aplenty covering DHL and the problems with delivery times and tracking info clarity. We have heard that feedback and have been working for some time now to find a reliable and viable alternative. With that we have some good news. We are now testing out Fedex with the goal of moving away from DHL for domestic shipments. Short summary of the positives, this should hopefully cut down on the delivery time for many of our domestic members while providing better tracking information. This is still in testing and the results will allow us to use the data to better compare with DHL and any other alternatives.
Drop Updates
Brief history and going forward. When the site was small and we all did every job, updating the group through the Discussion was a great way to keep everyone up to date and respond to any questions that may pop up. It was all a bit more chaotic back then, but it meant adding a personal aspect to it without the need for a giant email handler, and the small group involved could all interact from beginning to end. However, the site is now a community of millions spread across 200+ active drops at any moment creating a full time job of handling the back end portion of logistics; talking with vendors and manufacturers, checking in on the production timeline, following up on shipping notifications and tracking, placing and updating orders, and then handling any problems that come up anywhere along the way. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could work with our current tools to retain Discussion style updates while increasing visibility and responsiveness. However, it’s simply not possible for our Logistics team to write out thoughtful replies for all of the hundreds of questions that get asked every day when updates get posted while also maintaining all of their other responsibilities. Ultimately, the current update system causes more confusion than clarity and the process needs to evolve with the site to match the needs of the community. We are currently working on an improved system that provides a constant up to date status and will automatically provide meaningful alerts whenever something changes. An email alert will still update everyone on each step as the order progresses from buying to shipping, but we will be moving away from posting updates in the Discussion section.
In the interim we are going to start sending the majority of updates through email only. Please go to your Settings tab ( to verify you have the correct email to avoid missing any of these updates.
Thank you all for your feedback and help in improving Massdrop.

Jan 22, 2021
Hello. Do you plan to open deliveries to Republic of Moldova anytime? Thank you
Sep 5, 2017
Never received notice of supposed shipping date for my order. Ordered both sizes and have been charged for the wool pressing mats. Please confirm when shipping. Thank you. Brenda Wilson. Duncanville Tx
Apr 29, 2017
Well so much for Massdrop improving package delivery. Here's my post from the Julbo sunglasses thread. This is significant failure on your part Massdrop:
Just received my sunglasses, Massdrop, and I have to say "what the hell" were you guys thinking? Who's bright idea was it to ship $100+ sunglasses in a soft sided case, in a paper box, in a damn envelope? I now have a bright shiny new set of bent Julbo sunglasses. I thought Amazon shipping was bad.
Mar 7, 2017
How about a Discussions-like tab that just says Updates? That way official posts can be seen on the website as well as email. Kickstarter does this just fine :)
Feb 10, 2017
For all those people that are sometimes frustrated to participate ,but can't as items will not shipped outside the USA ,have a look at "AmForward",great way of having items shipped inside the USA first ,save tax since it goes first to Oregon and they will ship it to anywhere in the world!!
Feb 9, 2017
The prices are only great on a few items. Many are only a few dollars cheaper than buying from Amazon once you add in taxes and shipping. I don't understand why shipping isn't free especially when you aren't saving much.
Feb 27, 2017
I honestly think it's just part of the system. They can't always get great deals, it's simply just business. Shipping allows them to operate in profit. If they paid for shipping they'd be operating likely at a loss...
Feb 28, 2017
I think they shouldn't sell anything that you can't get a minimum of 30% off.
Feb 9, 2017
Why aren't the shipping costs showing on the main description page anymore? I know you are trying to get us to click the "join drop" button, but I sure as hell won't click commit if the shipping cost doesn't make sense. So, just revert to how it was before, please.
Feb 5, 2017
11 days to get to Washington from New Jersey via Fedex. I don't know what your times were like with DHL but that seems slow. Oh well, price was real good so can't complain that much.
Jan 30, 2017
shit site. will never buy from here again, feels like ive been scammed
Jan 30, 2017
you seem kind of mad cause you cant read the drop before buying
Don't read before you click and blame the site... ironclad logic there. There aren't more idiots today than in centuries past... it's just easier for them to express themselves to larger audiences now.
Jan 22, 2017
Please take a look also at various online customer complaints with Asendia.
My NuForce earphones still hasn't arrived and yet it says it'll be delivered 01/12 on Asendia's tracking site. I'm now fearing that the other thing that I've ordered from MD might share the same fate.
I already contacted MD support twice without any replies from a few days back. Hope you guys could be able to address these issues.
I'm still missing my hifi-man RE-00 headphones from August 2016. I've contacted support five times, and heard nothing.
I feel you. Stuff like this really makes the customer unhappy. Massdrop is going to lose a dedicated 3-year customer soon if this continues. They really need customer support. I don't know what happened, when I had an issue a couple of years the support was immediate and fantastic. Growing pains?
Either way, they need a dedicated support team. Or if they have one, they need to get their act together. You are a large company now, with lots of people counting on your team to provide some kind of customer support.
If this is the kind of support we can expect to receive in the future, I'm going to stop telling acquaintances about Massdrop, and use an alternative service.
Feb 9, 2017
I ordered a cap from Massdrop w/ Asendia showing an estimated Jan 12 delivery date. It didn't arrive until the 21st.
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