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Logistics Updates: New Delivery Methods

There’s some new changes coming to Logistics regarding how both packages and updates will be delivered to you.
We are going to post this in Audiophile for now as it’s the largest community on the site, but we have a new section coming for general topics and site updates where everyone can provide meaningful feedback. This post will also be linked from every drop in every community for awhile so don’t be confused if anyone mentions something in this thread other than headphones.

Package Delivery
Over the past year, the most common feedback (see complaint) related to logistics has been centered around the use of DHL for US shipments. There have been polls, posts, threads and discussions aplenty covering DHL and the problems with delivery times and tracking info clarity. We have heard that feedback and have been working for some time now to find a reliable and viable alternative. With that we have some good news. We are now testing out Fedex with the goal of moving away from DHL for domestic shipments. Short summary of the positives, this should hopefully cut down on the delivery time for many of our domestic members while providing better tracking information. This is still in testing and the results will allow us to use the data to better compare with DHL and any other alternatives.
Drop Updates
Brief history and going forward. When the site was small and we all did every job, updating the group through the Discussion was a great way to keep everyone up to date and respond to any questions that may pop up. It was all a bit more chaotic back then, but it meant adding a personal aspect to it without the need for a giant email handler, and the small group involved could all interact from beginning to end. However, the site is now a community of millions spread across 200+ active drops at any moment creating a full time job of handling the back end portion of logistics; talking with vendors and manufacturers, checking in on the production timeline, following up on shipping notifications and tracking, placing and updating orders, and then handling any problems that come up anywhere along the way. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could work with our current tools to retain Discussion style updates while increasing visibility and responsiveness. However, it’s simply not possible for our Logistics team to write out thoughtful replies for all of the hundreds of questions that get asked every day when updates get posted while also maintaining all of their other responsibilities. Ultimately, the current update system causes more confusion than clarity and the process needs to evolve with the site to match the needs of the community. We are currently working on an improved system that provides a constant up to date status and will automatically provide meaningful alerts whenever something changes. An email alert will still update everyone on each step as the order progresses from buying to shipping, but we will be moving away from posting updates in the Discussion section.
In the interim we are going to start sending the majority of updates through email only. Please go to your Settings tab (https://www.massdrop.com/settings/user_info) to verify you have the correct email to avoid missing any of these updates.
Thank you all for your feedback and help in improving Massdrop.
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Never received notice of supposed shipping date for my order. Ordered both sizes and have been charged for the wool pressing mats. Please confirm when shipping. Thank you. Brenda Wilson. Duncanville Tx
Well so much for Massdrop improving package delivery. Here's my post from the Julbo sunglasses thread. This is significant failure on your part Massdrop:
Just received my sunglasses, Massdrop, and I have to say "what the hell" were you guys thinking? Who's bright idea was it to ship $100+ sunglasses in a soft sided case, in a paper box, in a damn envelope? I now have a bright shiny new set of bent Julbo sunglasses. I thought Amazon shipping was bad.
How about a Discussions-like tab that just says Updates? That way official posts can be seen on the website as well as email. Kickstarter does this just fine :)
For all those people that are sometimes frustrated to participate ,but can't as items will not shipped outside the USA ,have a look at "AmForward",great way of having items shipped inside the USA first ,save tax since it goes first to Oregon and they will ship it to anywhere in the world!!
The prices are only great on a few items. Many are only a few dollars cheaper than buying from Amazon once you add in taxes and shipping. I don't understand why shipping isn't free especially when you aren't saving much.
I honestly think it's just part of the system. They can't always get great deals, it's simply just business. Shipping allows them to operate in profit. If they paid for shipping they'd be operating likely at a loss...
I think they shouldn't sell anything that you can't get a minimum of 30% off.
Why aren't the shipping costs showing on the main description page anymore? I know you are trying to get us to click the "join drop" button, but I sure as hell won't click commit if the shipping cost doesn't make sense. So, just revert to how it was before, please.
11 days to get to Washington from New Jersey via Fedex. I don't know what your times were like with DHL but that seems slow. Oh well, price was real good so can't complain that much.
shit site. will never buy from here again, feels like ive been scammed
you seem kind of mad cause you cant read the drop before buying
Don't read before you click and blame the site... ironclad logic there. There aren't more idiots today than in centuries past... it's just easier for them to express themselves to larger audiences now.
Please take a look also at various online customer complaints with Asendia.
My NuForce earphones still hasn't arrived and yet it says it'll be delivered 01/12 on Asendia's tracking site. I'm now fearing that the other thing that I've ordered from MD might share the same fate.
I already contacted MD support twice without any replies from a few days back. Hope you guys could be able to address these issues.
I'm still missing my hifi-man RE-00 headphones from August 2016. I've contacted support five times, and heard nothing.
I feel you. Stuff like this really makes the customer unhappy. Massdrop is going to lose a dedicated 3-year customer soon if this continues. They really need customer support. I don't know what happened, when I had an issue a couple of years the support was immediate and fantastic. Growing pains?
Either way, they need a dedicated support team. Or if they have one, they need to get their act together. You are a large company now, with lots of people counting on your team to provide some kind of customer support.
If this is the kind of support we can expect to receive in the future, I'm going to stop telling acquaintances about Massdrop, and use an alternative service.
I ordered a cap from Massdrop w/ Asendia showing an estimated Jan 12 delivery date. It didn't arrive until the 21st.
Please consider using Borderfree (or similar) for customs processing to Canada. Knowing whether or not I will pay duty (for Borderfree retailers, it's always included upfront) has become one of the main factors that determines whether or not I'll buy from an online retailer.
+ 1. Thank you for listening. In my experience, Fedex SmartPost (assuming that's what you'll be using) is much better than DHL's equivalent. The former frequently gets things to me earlier than promised (sometimes multiple days), whereas the latter usually ends up adding days to the delivery estimate. DHL somehow manages to turn the hand-off to USPS into a multi-day ceremony.
I prefer USPS for shipping, as I've had very little issue with them. It also supports our national mail service, which has had a difficult time keeping up with FedEx/UPS. If you get discounts for bulk shipping, UPS would be my second choice. Just my 2¢.
If you had MY mailman you would understand why the post office is going bankrupt.... He marks packages "no safe place to leave package" for an item the size of a candy bar when I have an empty mailbox (that locks) and a complex office that he has left numerous packages with (that was open). I get neighbors mail on an almost daily basis and customer service folks at the DMV are familiar with the postal issues in my area because they get calls all the time for missing renewal documents.
Wow. That's extremely frustrating. Sounds like laziness, incompetence, or both... Why can't our government do things right?!
I've found that a lot of times prices on MD are good before shipping, but becomes uncompetitive when shipping costs are factored in. This is especially true for your non-US customers. I think it is worth looking into the possibility of bundling multiple items in a single shipment for customers by month.
What you can potentially do is create a calendar that categorises your products by estimated shipment month. Your customers can then either select to have stuff shipped as soon as they are available, OR, they can say, bundle everything with an estimated shipment date in January together and ship them in one go/box.
My Stipula passaporto sat in a FedEx facility for nearly 4 days...when it finally got moving again, the arrival date was bumped back another day, and I was informed that USPS would be delivering the package...still awaiting its arrival and wondering why USPS isnt used in the first place?
Amazon uses FedEx Smartpost a lot and it is usually very efficient. I've very rarely had hiccups like that and I order A LOT off Amazon.
It actually makes a ton of sense for residential delivery of small packages. The post office is going to be delivering to every house anyway. You get the package to the destination city with the speed of FedEx, but they don't need to go out of their way to deliver door to door, which saves a lot of cost.
I don't understand how this is efficient for business deliveries, though (I have everything come to my work). FedEx delivers to us daily... why add in the extra step of the USPS?
I am awaiting arrival of my Marmit Ion. Once again, there is some mysterious delay. This is the second order this has happened with. I asked in the product discussion beforehand if there was any issues getting this product before my winter hike and assured I woukd receive it. Yet I just got an email stating there is a unknown delay and back order. Even after contacting support I have no answers. I am now without a sleeping bag and forced to cancel my hike. This is my I will never order from MassDrop again.
As someone who works for a manufacturing company, I can tell you that often (as much as we can), we don't disclose the reason for a delay unless that reason is pertinent to the product itself (assembly process issue, defects, low yields, etc.). As a customer, I know it's frustrating and I've been there myself. I guess I can count myself as lucky enough to have some insight into all the logistics that happen behind the scenes before a product reaches a customer. So without condoning or condemning either you or MD, I can say I understand. So for products I need to have on hand by a given date, I will order off of Amazon or directly from the vendor/company. I hope this helps, whether or not you choose to do further business with MD.
It would be great if your new update system will include factual updates, even if they are less personal.
I still have not made any additional purchases from you after your mishandling/lying about the HK Axis drop.
Great stuff! Please dump DHL for international stuff, too.
Shipping 6xx to the UK, they handed off to Yodel- who lost the package for over a week, and needed lots of yelling to actually look for it, once I worked out where it was. Yodel also printed out a new address label, stuck it over the existing one- but minus the company name! There are a load of companies on the same campus- it was only a brilliant receptionist doing detective work that meant that I eventually got the package.
Yodel are the worst couriers, famous for it. If DHL is using them for your UK deliveries, either it has to go, or UKers have to wean themselves off Massdrop.
Very impressed that you're listening, BTW. Keep it up!
I will second the ditching of DHL for international, not great for this Australian anyway.
I like DHL for shipments to Canada when USPS isn't an option—they've generally been the best to deal with for me. DHL Global Mail, on the other hand, is the worst of both worlds: guaranteed customs charges because it's being brokered by DHL, and the added hassle of. Having to go to the post office to pay the charges rather than the ability to prepay or even know how much to leave at my mailbox so it can be paid for.
I've just ordered the BlackVue dash camera, I paid the extra to have it shipped to the UK but they won't deliver it until I pay £30 for customs! I wasn't expecting to have to pay more! Why should I pay extra again? It has put me off purchasing anything else as I'll never be sure how much more it will cost.
Umm, that's pretty standard, when you get stuff shipped from the US, unless you pay for pre-cleared shipping of some kind, which MD don't offer. Better get used to it, come Brexit, that's our life, mostly likely, even to and from Europe.
Thank you. I the first time I've used it!
I sincerely hope we are not talking about FedEx SmartPost, because that's not any better than DHL Global Mail. And UPS SurePost is only slightly better. It doesn't even matter if USPS has a good record in your neighborhood or not.
Honestly UPS SurePost is miles better than SmartPost and UPS Mail innovations.
You know, UPS Mail "Innovations", is what I was actually thinking of, not SurePost. Innovations... Doublethink much?
Warms my heart, Alex. <3
Any change is welcome. It's awesome to see you guys tackling the problem. If the new FedEx service frequently includes a hand-off to USPS I wonder if we're not going to run into the same problems. But still willing to give it a try. Thanks for hearing us.
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That kind of sorting problem can happen with any carrier, but because USPS does so much hand sorting with parcels (especially at the local post office level) it tends to be a little more common with them. Your package got tossed in the wrong bin.
I'm not suggesting we go straight FedEx door-to-door. That will be too expensive. The problem with DHL was the class of service we were buying included a mid-route handoff to USPS and it was the handoff that was causing excessive delays and tracking gaps. We were paying DHL to middleman the logistics on a delivery that was ultimately done by USPS, and for not very much cost savings. So what I'd like to see us do is just go straight USPS and bypass the middleman nonsense. Without the handoff there are fewer opportunities for a screw-up and we get a continuous flow of tracking information from a single source (USPS tracking problems not withstanding).
But I'm still eager to try this new system just because literally anything is an improvement at this point.
I did chalk it up to human error. The first time. Since then... I chalk it up to incompetence. And it's been shipped to the same place (Paris, TX) several times since. And they don't acknowledge the problem, nor refund the shipping.
My hd6xx stuck ay defraa,sg since 25 dec plz help me @AlexPeterkin
Looks like it departed right after you asked :)
Hy alex i wanna ask bout the cable issue i got mail say ill get replacement cable from massdrop but havent get any news in 3 months
Keep The Fun I am all about progress and progression and I applaud the work you guys are constantly doing to improve the communication and keep the drops fun and enjoyable. The hardest thing with growing is that it also means we have to grow but that should never stop the having fun part. The niche Massdrop has is the personality and the fun edge that comes from talking with community and friends (that includes the teams at Massdrop). Please don't grow up too fast. I love the action we get from passion for the hobbies that Massdrop works so hard to keep going.
TLDR; stay real, don't get old, and come on guys keep the fun. Making Massdrop more responsive to the community is always a plus but keep the fun.
TL:DR - Stay gold, Ponyboy.
Just dropping the Shipping Updates. We're hoping this will help with the issue right now of people asking for updates, then asking someone like Tyler or Peter for more help with their Support ticket and then when new people show up only to get confused about how it already shipped, but it's actually the last drop etc etc.
We'll still be hanging out casually in the Discussion 😘
Listening to the community. That is why I love MD.
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But...It's short because I'm trying not to look like a homeless hippie when finding a new job with move Saying you love me less now???
No. I'm all about that potential
It's great to see you guys changing as the community gets larger. Shipping is a big issue for many, and I'm ecstatic you're looking into a better solution. I think even an option to pay for better shipping would be popular.
I look forward to seeing how you guys evolve, glad you're trying to get better.
These changes are obviously only an improvement for your clientele and ultimately your business model, and I for one will be happy to see these implementations. Not only will the buyers be happier (hopefully) when receiving a working undamaged item, but the Massdrop team will be able to bask in the happiness of consumers and not be worrying (as much) dealing with the repercussion of a poor vendor and their handling of items.
Cheers again
Please consider getting rid of DHL for Canadian shipments as well. They have rediculous border fees that stop almost all Canadians from buying from you guys if they are involved.
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Yeah. I know that. But the point I'm trying to make is that DHL makes the decision and prepays customs/duty BEFORE handing it off to Canada Post making it such that we Canadians HAVE to pay it, whereas if USPS were to hand it off, Canada post then makes the decision based on the value of the package and sometimes even just goes through even on higher value items. All my items delivered via DHL first have gotten charged even if they were valued under the threshold for customs (about 100cad)
+1 to get rid of DHL from another Canuck. To add insult to injury, in my neighborhood at least parcels that Canada Post delivers for DHL do not actually get delivered to the door - instead, a note is left to pick up the parcel at the Post office. This is because of some special way DHL fees needs to be paid, the postman cannot charge them at the door. Regular USPS/Canada Post will be much better for shipping to Canada. Another alternative is Purolator - AFAIK it is a Canadian company, but B&H (in NY) somehow ships to Canada by Purolator, and it works just great - cheap and fast, no hassles at all. Please look into this if possible.