Soundbar for a PC setup?

I am considering switching over to a soundbar solution for my PC workstation in my bedroom. My reason for this switch is that the ultrawide dual monitor setup I am considering (34" + 27") will be taking up too much horizontal space on my desk and is pushing my JBL LSR30X way too far to the sides. Please note that I have enough room on my desk (98" wide) to accommodate the PC monitor setup I want and comfortably fit the JBL monitors.
Here is my current setup with a single 27" monitor.

I am not very interested in the soundbars designed for PC since those are weak and sounds a lot worse than the JBL for sure. I am interested in getting the big sound bar designed for TV that is in ~$500 range with Dolby Atmos and surround sound. I am aware that these sound bar are designed to be listened to from a distance but I am curious about having a surround sound setup. I do not have any surround sound audio source since it is mostly just music, youtube and games. I plan to plug up the sound bar to the stereo mixer as well as a USB input.
I am aware that this is a bad idea on many levels. To make things more complicated, I am also using Linux as my OS. Please share your thoughts on this or experience with sound bars. :3

Nov 5, 2018
U can toe the speakers towards your ears if they go too wide plus they will sound better, I don't think u need to change anything as u have lots of room. toe in like this. x is monitor I is speaker \ ...….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ……./
Nov 6, 2018
Yeah, will have to toe in at quite the angle. Since I toed it in, I also bought foam that tilts the speakers up to make it point at ear level. This small change made a bigger difference than I would have thought!